• Dragonslayer2 for Oblivion

    A massive sword based off of the dragonslayer from the anime/manga Berserk.

    Dragonslayer2: A retexture of the original Dragonslayer.
    Retexture/Mod polish by Crimsonff7
    Model, Original texture, and "the hard part" by Imaginalex.
    Original mod URL: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3065

    uploaded 8:06, 21 Apr 2006 10,624 242 2,002kb crimsonff7

  • Stumble while Running Backwards for Oblivion

    This mod incorporates a chance (based on global BalStumbleChance, default 30 percent, free to mod it as you wish by "set BalStumbleChance newChance") to fall down every second when you run backwards... which is a nice way to prevent players from backpedaling their way to victory (which is almost as cheating as toggling TGM).

    You are free t

    uploaded 7:18, 21 Apr 2006 896 29 3kb Balor

  • Useful Adoring Fan Warrior for Oblivion

    Useful Adoring Fan - Warrior Class V2.5
    By: OdarK

    Adoring Fan is now a viable partner for any mage, archer, or even warrior. This specific modification changes the Adoring Fan into a warrior class complete with warrior birthsign. The Adoring Fan will also keep up with you by leveling with you, while at the same time his equipment also will ke

    uploaded 5:28, 21 Apr 2006 1,709 25 6kb odark

  • Bruma house brighter ambient light for Oblivion

    This is a really simple mod for brightening the ambient lighting in the Bruma house for sale. I got tired of how dark and dank the house looked; it was depressing. Couple this with one of the fireplace mods out there, and you've got a warm cozy home.

    uploaded 4:42, 21 Apr 2006 339 21 108kb crabby117

  • Fame Indicator for Oblivion

    I like knowing which actions are fame worthy rather than just checking the fame stat from time to time. This mod creates a short message indicating when you've gained fame or infamy as a result of a quest. The message only stays up for a second, so it shouldn't get annoying.
    Example: "You have gained 1 fame!" or "You have becom

    uploaded 4:38, 21 Apr 2006 337 25 100kb quickclay

  • BSA Commander for Oblivion

    Work with oblivion archive files (.bsa) with friendly interface.

    With BSA Commander you can:

    - unpack files from archive (all files or any of them);
    - create new .bsa archives;
    - view content of .bsa files;
    - get detailed info about archive and save it to file;
    - register archive files for game;
    - you may associate BSA Comman

    uploaded 3:10, 21 Apr 2006 41,567 1,404 341kb Butch

  • Walaskjalf for Oblivion

    Sky Castle Walskjalf near leyawin(south)
    based on imperialpalace

    key is in the underwaterchest, just under castle portal

    B2~B4 Undead Dungeon (2 retexture swords in final room)
    B1 Training Hall
    1F Valholl
    2F Valkyrie's quarters
    3F Library
    4F Museum
    5F Master's Chambers
    Top Hlidskjalf

    uploaded 2:50, 21 Apr 2006 1,784 28 1,564kb gmmage78

  • Open Very Hard Lock Spell for Oblivion

    There was no spell to Open Very Hard Locks, forcing Pure mages to either ignore the locks, or use a lockpick. This gives Ramius Polus a Open Very Hard Lock spell for sale. It requires Expert Level (75) in Alteration.

    uploaded 2:49, 21 Apr 2006 1,383 70 2kb Stabbey_the_Clown

  • Galerion True Unarmored for Oblivion

    [Note: there is an newer variation of this mod where the unarmored ability is tied to the acrobatics skill but still trained automatically. See "Galerion Unarmored Acrobatics" or "http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=5067"]

    [See the "readme" for more details!]

    Monks, wizards, and Conan-style warriors rejoice! This mod

    uploaded 1:56, 21 Apr 2006 3,523 161 8kb galerion

  • Port Fellowiin 2 for Oblivion

    see file #1 discription

    uploaded 1:52, 21 Apr 2006 151 6 2,363kb espzero

  • Training High for Oblivion

    Four mods that raise respectively to 10, 15, 20 or 25 the number of available trainings per level.

    Use one of them at time and choose the one that best fits your needs.


    uploaded 0:56, 21 Apr 2006 645 40 1kb genoma

  • Port Fellowiin for Oblivion

    Port fellowiin is a small port town host to as much as many as 5 ships and full of bars and taverns on the local boardwalk.

    uploaded 0:55, 21 Apr 2006 221 6 356kb espzero