• OrcRACEMOD for Oblivion

    OrcRACEMOD v1.0
    Released by UBERGOD

    This plugin modifies the orc race and rebalances them in order to fix some of the problems that Bethesda overlooked when balancing them. Basically the "Resist Magic" skill is bugged in that it will actually weaken the amount of strength you gain from the "Berserk" skill. In addition to this Berser

    uploaded 7:50, 28 Mar 2006 113 0 3kb UBERGOD

  • Dark Brotherhood Continues Selling Poison Apples for Oblivion

    This is intentionally vague to avoid spoilers. At some point during the Dark Brotherhood storyline the merchant at the sanctuary will disappear and no longer be available. After completing the quests you'll get a new merchant, but for some reason only Bethesda knows he will no longer sell the Poison Apples that the previous one did. This quick a

    uploaded 7:18, 28 Mar 2006 2,221 40 1kb Elenkis

  • Ring of Feather 1000 for Oblivion

    This mod adds a Ring of Feather with 1000 points of Feather to a chest in the center of the Market District in Imperial City. You will have to requip the ring every 200 encumbrance points up to a max of 1000 beyond your normal limit.

    For some reason the game will only add to your max encumbrance like this:

    Emcumbrance limit = current Encum

    uploaded 7:14, 28 Mar 2006 2,998 54 2kb Skullguise

  • max carrying capacity for Oblivion

    Tired of not beign able to carry your equip AND loot ?
    Yeah I bet.

    This changes the strenght/max carrying capacity ratio.

    Version 0.2 fixes: Fixed a typo on the mod description when you view it in TES. Nothing major. :)

    For reference, or if you wish to modify this for your own needs, the function this mod changes is 'fActorStrenghtEncu

    uploaded 3:27, 28 Mar 2006 10,941 130 0kb Darkz0r

  • LD - Cure Vampirism for Oblivion

    Someone has placed a mysterious chest in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal!

    The contents of which carry a potion that can cure you of the most vile infliction you can indur in the game: Vampirism. Can you find the key to the container of your blood's freedom?

    What it adds:
    2 Potion

    uploaded 2:27, 28 Mar 2006 1,916 12 3kb Sigwigs

  • Leveling for Oblivion

    *Ver. 0.8
    !Fixed a few bug related to gaining levels.

    !Luck now increases by a very small amount with every skill gain.

    +Health now increased (retroactively) each time you gain a level, by 1/20 of your level.
    You base health is STR + 2 * End, and it will double at level 20, 40, 60, etc.


    A a few more fixes:
    Training s

    uploaded 0:14, 28 Mar 2006 112 2 7kb Balor

  • Morrowind Mage Companion for Oblivion

    Description: Originally made this plugin for myself, got started digging in the CS and couldn't pull myself away. For 8 hours!! It was fun.
    The .esp includes dark elf mage companion. The mage will take breaks from following player every 6-7 hours to read, eat, practice magic, or sleep. If he takes a break just "wait" 1-2 hours and he

    uploaded 23:32, 27 Mar 2006 182 3 950kb Blocky

  • Disable Difficulty Slider for Oblivion

    As per request, this mod disables the Difficulty Slider for those with less self-control.

    uploaded 21:38, 27 Mar 2006 328 7 3kb dysesothymteric

  • Smooth Leveling Mod version 1.1 for Oblivion

    (Version 1.1 fixes the vampire bug.)

    This mod eliminates most of the min/maxing required to build a great character in oblivion, allows attributes to pass 100, improves attributes with use, AND bases current health solely on current attributes.

    Four supported versions are included, with different leveling requirements:

    1) 10 points in majo

    uploaded 21:00, 27 Mar 2006 424 4 53kb Digizen

  • Arena Modification for Oblivion

    Current version: 0.9 (April 21, 2006)
    This mod removes the level scaling from Arena opponents (though additional plugin is available that adds it back for those who want it) and adds TEAM fights. (2vs2, 4vs4 and 6vs6 available).

    NOTE: Please do NOT save&exit the game after a team battle before you get a message about team fights being available

    uploaded 19:50, 27 Mar 2006 3,653 33 65kb Kaene

  • Updated Gem Price Fix for Oblivion


    Added Perfect Gems which are more valuble than the Flawless, adjustted prices more to put more spread between flawed and flawless. Added the new gems to the levelled lists.
    Added a easter egg, no cheating by opening up the CS to peek, now!

    Adjusts the prices of all gems and nuggets to make them more valuable. 50 gold for a gem see

    uploaded 19:33, 27 Mar 2006 3,478 32 9kb Galn

  • Everburn Torches for Oblivion

    Version 1.1 Adds a larger light radius to torches.

    A simple mod that changes the value of torches so that they will never burnout. Now Torches have a larger light radius.

    Just drop the file in your Oblivion/Data folder.

    uploaded 16:56, 27 Mar 2006 999 25 0kb stoutbear