• GKs Max Merchant Gold for Oblivion

    Here's one for all you thieves out there who love stealing, but cannot find anywhere to sell your loot!

    This mod adds the maximum amount of gold (septims) to all Merchant Traders and Fences (65,535) This does not include Booksellers, Alchamists, etc. Only Traders (i.e. Thoronir types) and Fences (Thieves Guild).

    Also modified Fences whe

    uploaded 6:37, 1 Apr 2006 1,246 37 22kb jjn537

  • Wood Elf Face for Oblivion

    This is a saved game of my wood elf female right before she exited the sewers. Feel free to add her to your personal collection and edit at will.

    Please do not add this to any group collections.

    uploaded 6:36, 1 Apr 2006 975 27 274kb CocoaSashimi

  • Pretty Imperial Female Faces for Oblivion

    This mod is for anyone who is looking for some new female Imperial faces to use. If you don't like them then just don't use them. Just don't complain about them to me. Plus, you can edit these faces since all of the files are saved at the end of the sewers area with the exception of only one save file, which starts just outside of the sewe

    uploaded 6:11, 1 Apr 2006 857 10 2,041kb Keisha

  • Blood Potions for Vampires for Oblivion

    This mod makes it so that drinking on of the bottles of "Human Blood" that can be found in a few spots in game has the same effect as feeding on a sleeping victim.

    Ideas for next version:
    -Bottle blood for later rather then feeding.
    -Blood potions found in vamp. caves and hideouts.

    uploaded 5:51, 1 Apr 2006 3,546 54 0kb Hero2014

  • Lockpick Mold for Oblivion

    Tired of running out of Lockpicks in the middle of a dungeon? Think it's lame that you, as the indepedent and resourceful thief, must rely on thieve's guild fences or other merchants for a few measley lockpicks?

    Not anymore! With this lockpick mold, you will be able to mold your own lockpicks--out of your hard-stolen septims. Not only

    uploaded 5:49, 1 Apr 2006 4,461 119 196kb Blakestr

  • Zalors Shop for Oblivion

    This mod adds in a building called Zalor's Adventurer's Shop just southwest of the Northern Goods and Trade in Chorrol. The pair within sell a variety of goods new and old. Zalor Swifttail is the vendor you're looking for if you're selling just about anything, while Zela Swifttail (who wanders in and out of the shop, so she might not be

    uploaded 4:49, 1 Apr 2006 376 11 17kb Destructor646

  • Fintilgins ForeverView for Oblivion


    Fintilgin's ForeverView
    Version 1.1
    By Fintilgin

    What does it do?
    Pushes back the view distance fog

    uploaded 4:08, 1 Apr 2006 2,436 49 2kb Fintilgin

  • vampirism tweaks for Oblivion

    A simple mod that fixes several problems related to vampirism, particularly:
    1. the attribute/skill bonuses no longer count against your max

    2. 25% vampires now look human (as the plot/lore said).

    3. some bugs related to timing of changes in vampire states have been fixed

    See this thread:

    uploaded 3:56, 1 Apr 2006 375 10 6kb skyranger-1

  • Perception Ver 1 5 for Oblivion

    - Perception Version 1.5 for Oblivion by EvilGrinch

    Changes in Version 1.5 -

    Spell is now Area of Effect covering a very large radius. All creatures visible to the player should be affected, provided the invisible bolt fired by the spell impacts within a r

    uploaded 3:14, 1 Apr 2006 62 3 3kb EvilGrinch

  • No Respawn or Essential NPCS for Oblivion

    This mod removes the essential and respawn tag for all npcs in the game.

    uploaded 2:58, 1 Apr 2006 775 5 520kb Slig

  • Safe Archmage Storage for Oblivion

    Replaces respawning (item-eating) chest at the foot of the Arch-Mage's Bed with a non-respawning one, so that problem should be gone. I also replaced the wine-rack with a cupboard (there was precious little storage space) which necessitated moving the Enchanting/Spellmaking Altar (I forget which) to the other side of the room, but that's not

    uploaded 2:39, 1 Apr 2006 381 18 1kb johnmedgla

  • Cute Breton Girl for Oblivion

    Here is my Breton female character, Lily. Use her as is or tweak her to your own liking. :)


    Save 1 is my best attempt at a recreation starting from the very beginning.

    Save 2 is the original pictured face at my earliest existing save point (at the exit of the imperial sewers).

    Both are equally pretty, in my opinion. Use which

    uploaded 2:38, 1 Apr 2006 1,032 34 465kb JKoopman