• Days & Months for Oblivion

    Days & Months is VERY simple plugin made that Adds Earths Names for the months and
    days of the week after tamriels

    uploaded 0:07, 25 Apr 2006 13,052 499 1kb darkelfwsv

  • Races Rescaled for Oblivion

    This mod changes the height and weight of most races.

    - Females are now slightly smaller than their male counterparts.
    - Standardized Elves, making them slimmer looking.
    - Wood Elf males are no longer the shortest.
    - High Elves are now slightly lower. They are still tall though, especially compared to other elves.
    - Arg

    uploaded 23:12, 24 Apr 2006 409 13 7kb Paladin of the Woods

  • Scrollmaking for Oblivion

    This plugin adds the first 5 of a series of books that teach the player how to write scrolls by infusing scroll paper with magicka, provided the player has the required skill level in the school of magic to which the scroll pretains. As the player levels up their skill in that school (say for example: Destruction), their scrollmaking ability also

    uploaded 21:53, 24 Apr 2006 320 11 30kb Izayoi83

  • Boethia Shrine Custom Race Fix for Oblivion

    This is a quick fix so you can use a custom race in the Boethia Shrine quest and compete in the Tournament of Blood. A slight change to the script delcares you to be a Redguard, so you won't fight him.

    uploaded 21:33, 24 Apr 2006 34,225 1,084 1kb Damos

  • SH4RKs Tweaks for Oblivion

    Sneak attack damage multipliers

    - Novice: 2
    - Apprentice: 2.5
    - Journeyman: 3
    - Expert: 3.5
    - Master: 4

    - Novice: 4
    - Apprentice: 5
    - Journeyman: 6
    - Expert: 7
    - Master: 8

    Level up attribute multipliers

    uploaded 21:19, 24 Apr 2006 19 1 4kb SH4RK B1T3

  • Vending Machine M1 for Oblivion

    Adds a vending machine to Balmora Fighter Guild.

    uploaded 21:09, 24 Apr 2006 57 0 0kb morsepone7

  • On Top of the World for Oblivion

    On Top of the World v 1.2c by Dung Beetle
    Adds collision to the Imperial Tower and 2 spells (Emperor's Lookout and Emperor's Landing) to reach the top and to get back down. I can't imagine any bugs that might happen, but email me if you find some. The book to learn the spells is right in front of the Imperial Palace entrance. Added my own

    uploaded 20:58, 24 Apr 2006 242 7 5kb dung_beetle

  • seorins Leveling System for Oblivion

    I know I'm not alone in my insane sewer adventures, diving in there for the fifth time to let rats beat on me for awhile so I could get an endurance bonus on my next level. That or buying/making a cheap spell and setting a weight on the 'c' key or just holding it down while you run around. That stuff gets old and boring fast, but (especial

    uploaded 20:26, 24 Apr 2006 638 34 32kb seorin

  • Xantir for Oblivion

    A not so girlie male dunmer, based on some pic's on my fav forum (CI)
    Save is in the 1st room

    uploaded 20:18, 24 Apr 2006 52 1 246kb ElvenRanger

  • White Gold Tower Top for Oblivion

    Simple mod that adds a teleporter and geometery to White Gold Tower, including a viewing platform that allows you to see over the walls.

    uploaded 19:42, 24 Apr 2006 533 15 0kb jadrax

  • Cheydinhal House Mod for Oblivion

    A very small mod to the house for sale in Cheydinhal. Makes the interior brighter (because I hate gloomy homes) and adds a display case next to the front door.

    It's my first mod and took a ridiculous amount of time to do (I can't get the hang of that render screen in TES). Still, I've checked and double-checked everything and it seems f

    uploaded 19:33, 24 Apr 2006 309 11 1kb cpicking

  • Blackjack minigame for Oblivion

    Play blackjack! Win money!
    This mod allows you to play blackjack at the Merchants inn in the imperial city.

    uploaded 19:13, 24 Apr 2006 1,416 28 518kb kaosnyrb