• Z Hours to Respawn Pack for Oblivion

    This mod lets you change the standerd 72 hours for Critters to respawn to
    Either 1 ,2 ,4 ,8 , or 12 hours. So you get alot more stuff to fight quicker.
    Just choose the one you like.

    By Shaden Ashblood

    uploaded 7:50, 23 Apr 2006 1,198 40 1kb Drazz

  • No Helmet Graphics for Oblivion

    This mod will make it so that when you equip a helmet it will not show up on your character, so you don't have to worry about those really ugly helmets.

    This mod was partly made with timmypod's unlimited rings mod, which makes it so that the rings go into no particular slot, but still give you the effects. This did not work with the helmet

    uploaded 7:41, 23 Apr 2006 2,839 81 4kb FlyinPingu

  • The Storytellers Brother for Oblivion

    2. ABOUT

    Magdinio the Storyteller needs your help to recover an item of
    great personal value to him.


    Copy the TheStorytellersBrotherQuest.esp to your
    Oblivion/Data/ folder.

    The voices directory should be installed in
    The full path is Oblivions/Data/sound/voice/TheStorytellersBrotherQuest.

    uploaded 5:23, 23 Apr 2006 1,610 59 1,851kb DeadlyAccurate

  • Xionanxs Summon Master Merchant for Oblivion

    This mod adds a lesser power to your spellbook which allows you to summon a merchant to your current location. The merchant will buy any item from you, even stolen items. The merchant also offers repair and recharge services as well as training in the mercantile skill up to master level.

    Things you should know about the merchant:

    Merchant s

    uploaded 5:09, 23 Apr 2006 280 10 6kb Xionanx

  • Alchemy Economy Fix for Oblivion

    This plugin removes the imbalancing effect on the game economy that self brewed potions can have. This simply sets the sale price of all self-made potions to zero.

    Basically due to the abundance of of all sorts of ingredients in the game world, it is incredibly easy to make lots of money by selling your own potions. For example it is possible to

    uploaded 4:56, 23 Apr 2006 165 9 2kb frosty_xyz

  • Dwemer Item naming Mod for Oblivion

    A simple mod, that for continuity's sake renames all Dwarven items as "Dwemer (itemname)" I think I got them all... if one of them's not properly renamed, inform me at [email protected]!

    uploaded 4:01, 23 Apr 2006 52 4 7kb Ghilz

  • Timekeeper Onscreen Clock NEW v13 May 3rd for Oblivion

    Timekeeper On-screen Clock
    v1.3 5/3/06 - by richdiesal ([email protected])

    This is a simple on-screen clock. I only found one or two other clock mods available, and they both seemed loaded down with (to me) useless features, so I created one that's a clock and only a clock. The time will appear as an on scr

    uploaded 3:26, 23 Apr 2006 10,670 302 6kb richdiesal

  • Beowulfs Blue Nebula for Oblivion

    This mod adds a blue nebula to Oblivion's nightsky.

    -Install Instructions
    Just place the .dds file into the "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\textures\Sky" folder.

    -uninstall Instructions
    To uninstall this mod just remove the .dds from the "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Obl

    uploaded 3:22, 23 Apr 2006 7,100 88 677kb BeowulfTheGreat

  • Keychain for Oblivion

    Adds a keychain to your inventory to hold your keys, reduce inventory clutter, and decrease Journal and Container load times.

    Requires Oblivion v1.2.0416 and OBSE v.0017a

    uploaded 3:13, 23 Apr 2006 321,982 9,766 38kb mmmpld

  • Tsaesci Race for Oblivion

    ************Mod Info**************
    Mod Name : Tsaesci Playable Race
    Version : 1.1

    Unzip into your Data folder, and play.


    Stats M F
    Str 40 35
    Int 40 45
    Wil 30 30
    Agl 45 50
    Spd 50 45
    End 30 30
    Luk 50 50
    Per 35 35

    Skill Bonus

    uploaded 2:58, 23 Apr 2006 1,047 45 1,857kb hatmen

  • Z Fatigue Gone for Oblivion

    Z Fatigue Gone 1.0

    Bases for the mod is that I enjoy more of the action of fighting. It seemed to me that my

    fights were Hit a few times... then either run or hold my shield up for a long time for my

    fatigue to go back up. With this mod Fatigue still goes down... but the rate at which it

    goes up is raised alot. This mod se

    uploaded 2:52, 23 Apr 2006 706 23 1kb Drazz

  • Full ArchMages Robe for Oblivion

    This mod replaces your reward for completing the Mage's Guild. The old robe was unenchanted and boring. I've used the Mythic Dawn Robe model and applied the Arch-Mage's Robe texture to create a full-body robe. I also added some balanced enchantments to both the robe and the hood. This mod also replaces the later models (Levels 15 and up) f

    uploaded 2:21, 23 Apr 2006 542 28 3,421kb QuasarBob