• Better Water for Oblivion

    This changes the Opacity of the water in the game and the amount of Fog underwater.

    - Changed the color & view of underwater to match above better
    - Made the more reflective, should reflect the sky better also.

    uploaded 4:31, 25 Mar 2006 44,407 330 1kb soslowgtp

  • fwRaceChangeRing.zip for Oblivion

    Use startquest fwGetRaceChangeRing to get the ring. The ring has a script so that when you equip it, it offers you the chance to change your race. The script will get your attribute and skill values before the race change, and restore them afterwards. You keep the skill and attribute bonuses of your original race at this time, but gain the appear

    uploaded 1:21, 25 Mar 2006 3,756 34 4kb feywulf

  • Sell All-000 for Oblivion

    Merchants sell ALL (Normal) Weapons, Armor...
    All LVLs have been removed so you can buy stuff...

    Not all Weapons, Armor are sold at the same Merchant...
    There scattered around the game...
    You might find a few items on monsters...

    ***WARNING*** You must start a NEW GAME, sad to say...I think.

    uploaded 23:21, 24 Mar 2006 96 0 1kb NecroViolator

  • Weapon Durability for Oblivion

    Your Weapons and Armor take a little more damage.
    Their Durability has been boosted.

    uploaded 19:50, 24 Mar 2006 532 5 0kb NecroViolator

  • VAs Better Gold for Oblivion

    A very small and possibly pointless offering as my first for Oblivion... quite simply because I got used to my stupidly high poly coins I made for Morrowind and compared to them, the vanilla Oblivion ones look kinda pants... almost like Morrowind's original coins (ouch )
    In this version (v2) I made a new coin mesh, gave it edge textures and en

    uploaded 17:54, 24 Mar 2006 37,701 530 416kb VagabondAngel

  • BTmod for Oblivion

    IMPORTANT! There seem to be something preventing me from updating this to the right version!!

    Readme and proper downloads can be found here : http://btmod.beider.org

    uploaded 17:26, 24 Mar 2006 56,278 213 675kb Beider

  • Summon-02.zip for Oblivion

    Conjure 2 Summons at a time...

    DONT USE WITH Conjure 10 Summons...

    uploaded 16:33, 24 Mar 2006 4,488 3 0kb NecroViolator

  • Summon-10 for Oblivion

    Conjure 10 Summons at a time instead of only 1.

    You can use Greater Power as well and have a total
    of 10 Conjured at a time...

    uploaded 16:02, 24 Mar 2006 8,514 16 0kb NecroViolator

  • Slower Oblivion for Oblivion

    I find that my skills advance far too quickly in Oblivion. For those like me who enjoy taking things at a leisurely pace and actually putting a little work in to gain levels, this mod will slow down the rate at which your skills advance, with a variety of customization options.

    The secondary effect of Slower Oblivion, which can be used with or

    uploaded 9:14, 24 Mar 2006 281 2 107kb Seikima

  • TF_timemod for Oblivion

    What this does is plain simple. It changes the timescale from 30 to 10 so that the days should last quite a bit longer. So now one actual minute equals 10 ingame day minutes.

    I've now also added two other .esp files

    TF_timemod_1-20.esp = 1 realtime minute = 20 ingame minutes

    TF_timemod_1-1.esp = 1 realtime minute = 1ingame minute.

    uploaded 7:57, 24 Mar 2006 2,471 30 1kb TextureFreak

  • Ascadia 1 for Oblivion

    Buried in the sea to the west of Ebonheart lies undisturbed, Ascadia-1, the Lost City of the Dwemer.
    Recent archaeological undersea excavation has revealed a locked entrance, opposite the original. Our divers remarked,
    "There's Dwemer in there!" And it is true, the technologically superior, ancient Dwemer still thrive, though more l

    uploaded 5:08, 24 Mar 2006 476 2 0kb morsepone7

  • Arena Armor Change for Oblivion

    Changes AR (Armor Rating) of the armor used in the Arena battles, making the battles hard.

    uploaded 4:49, 24 Mar 2006 117 0 1kb Anphrax