• Mountain Tower for Oblivion

    High quality tower abode. Click the above link to read the full description

    uploaded 21:01, 22 Apr 2006 69,339 1,544 92,510kb Sage Rime

  • Less "peachy" male Elven cuirass for Oblivion

    ElvenRed1.1b By Pajama_Man & Sacred Snow

    Edits the male light Elven armor so the peachy looking portions on the cuirass doesn’t look as "peachy" and odd.


    v1.1b No longer requires a .esp file for better compatiblity

    v1.1 Added an additional mesh that pairs Sacred Snow's edited smaller elven pau

    uploaded 20:57, 22 Apr 2006 803 24 2,105kb Pajama_Man

  • Freelance Enchanting and Spellmaking for Oblivion

    Freelance Enchanting and Spellmaking
    by Dro'Sakhar ([email protected])

    This mod adds a house Cheydinhal off the path to the castle. A couple live there who will do enchanting and spellmaking for you only if you aren't in the Mages Guild.


    v 0.6
    -Spruced up the house a bit

    uploaded 20:15, 22 Apr 2006 210 11 26kb WhirlwindMonk

  • Polymorph Spell sheep v2 for Oblivion

    +++Upodate: Version 3 available at http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=4074 +++

    Second version of the Polymorth to sheep spell.

    This is a spell that turns any actor into a sheep, it no longer works on innaimate objects (as it means you can sheperd doors around the game, whch leave unsightly gaps.)

    uploaded 20:05, 22 Apr 2006 284 5 2kb jadrax

  • Archers Arrows for Oblivion

    The power of Ultimate Archer plus the quality/arrow speed differences of Marksman Velocity



    1- Place all the files into your "Oblivion/Data" folder.
    If asks to overwrite, choose "Yes".

    2- When launching the game, select data files and double click
    this m

    uploaded 19:34, 22 Apr 2006 2,726 67 5kb anjen

  • The Voice of Reason for Oblivion

    This mod adds a new unique weapon to the game. You can buy it at Morvayn's Peacemakers in Anvil.

    The sword itself is quite powerful, even more so since it doesn't use any charges for its enchantments. I don't have a thing for balancing, so maybe there will be another version which ties this sword more into the world of Cyrodiil, maybe

    uploaded 17:05, 22 Apr 2006 395 26 372kb TheBard

  • Polymorph Spell sheep v1 for Oblivion

    +++Upodate: Version 3 available at http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=4074 +++

    +++Note Updated verion at http://www.tessorce.net/files/file.php?id=3380 +++

    This is a spell that polymorphs things into a sheep, based on the spell in WoW. I dont actually play wow but this mod was requested on the forums at www.elderscrolls.com and

    uploaded 16:57, 22 Apr 2006 120 2 2kb jadrax

  • High Elve Female by Cedrick for Oblivion

    Saved Game

    INSTALLATION: Unzip into your "My Documents/My Games/Oblivion/Saves" folder.

    have fun with my work, Cedrick.

    uploaded 16:34, 22 Apr 2006 95 10 0kb Cedrick

  • Wolf Packs for Oblivion

    Wolf Packs V 1.3
    In Oblivion, wolves are lonesome creatures. Wolf Packs changes that. All kinds wolves wander in packs now, making encounters with these noble creatures more intensive and fearsome.
    Wolves are intelligent creatures. Whenever you hit them, they might howl and call for help. Their pack might hear them and
    come to the

    uploaded 16:19, 22 Apr 2006 1,447 60 14kb Lord Lionmane

  • PetsOfChorrol for Oblivion

    Feature PetsOfChorrol V1.1 (French and english):(with remote command & targeting ability)
    This mod allow you have to have a pet :
    * Choose from 7 different pets (only one at time) available in the Mage Guild of Chorrol (left door).
    * You can give multiple order to your pet (follow,wait,wait &

    uploaded 16:12, 22 Apr 2006 3,855 164 26kb Daroo

  • Rosethorn Hall Sanctuary for Oblivion

    Basically, this mod adds a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to Rosethorn Hall - the house you can buy in Skingrad. It's accessed via a secret door in the basement. Simply pull the candle-holder and away you go.

    Currently the Sanctuary contains the following areas/features:

    - Living quarters and training area similar to those in the Cheydinhal Sa

    uploaded 15:21, 22 Apr 2006 681 26 2,108kb Velax

  • Battlespire Books for Oblivion

    Battlespire Books v 1.1

    Adds the following books from The Elder Scrolls: Battlespire to the game:

    Annotated Compendium of Arcane Contrivances of the Second Age, Volume IV
    A Short History of the Augmented Craftworks
    A Short History of the Augmented Craftworks
    Book of Life and Service
    Book of Rest and Endings
    Codex Arcana, Volume I-IX

    uploaded 14:42, 22 Apr 2006 1,269 76 9kb Skuld