• Better Birthsigns for Oblivion

    Better Birthsigns 1.0 by Xereau README

    1. ABOUT

    This is a mod that adds various powers, lesser powers, and abilities to the BIRTHSIGNS found in TES: Oblivion. Listed below is a description of each change made to each sign.


    Extract the .esp file to the DATA directory in your Oblivion folder. Default is c: Program Files/

    uploaded 21:17, 16 Apr 2006 917 32 14kb xereau

  • Theos Kingthing Petrock Fonts for Oblivion

    Theo's Kingthings Petrock v1.5


    Here are some custom fonts created by
    my Oblivion Font Generator.

    Kevin King updated his Kingthings Petrock
    and Calligraphica to address the missing
    Latin 1 chars in the original Petrock.


    uploaded 21:06, 16 Apr 2006 1,010 61 711kb tazpn314

  • Extreme Night Sky for Oblivion

    Collections of different mods to make the ultimate night sky version.
    I wanted to add more detail, lights and feeling to how night time is in Oblivion. It is extreme, but the feeling is less lonely in universe of Oblivion. It dedicated to the Star War fans out there. Enjoy.

    uploaded 20:51, 16 Apr 2006 1,082 36 2,233kb CYNEDRA

  • Remove Persuasion Game Replies for Oblivion

    This mod simply removes the Persuasion Game responses. For some, it is quite annoying listening to the same canned responses over and over.

    To install:

    1) Copy the .esp file to your Oblivion\Data directory
    2) Select it in the game launcher
    3) Enjoy!

    uploaded 20:50, 16 Apr 2006 635 43 4kb Manargo

  • Save File API and Viewer for Oblivion

    This utility is not meant for normal players - it is tool that helps to decode save files. Normal players have no use for it.

    YOU MAY FREELY DISTRIBUTE AND MODIFY THIS UTILITY/API. (Just remember to give credits for orginal authors and others who helped you.)

    This is version 0.1 from Oblivion save file API and save file viewer. API is still u

    uploaded 20:43, 16 Apr 2006 386 15 768kb mpuonti

  • Vizs OMod Selection April 16th for Oblivion

    Author : Viz
    Date :
    Website : www.vizp.com (Personal Fiction Site) - email: email@vizp.com
    Credits : Online Community forums at TESSource.com, Timeslip for his wonderful OBMM utility and all the Mod makers involved

    Viz's OMod Selection - April 16th Edition

    uploaded 20:35, 16 Apr 2006 294,467 9 5,812kb Viz79

  • XML MegaMod German for Oblivion


    XML MegaMod v1.3 *Final* für "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" (Deutsche Version)


    a.) Changelog
    b.) Was bewirkt die Mod?
    c.) Installationshinweise
    d.) Deinstallations

    uploaded 20:27, 16 Apr 2006 362 25 245kb Trolli

  • AznarsVampires for Oblivion


    Version 1.5
    Forum Updates at:

    This is a balanced Vampire mod with the goal of creating a more realistic Vampire experience. I hav

    uploaded 20:24, 16 Apr 2006 2,615 67 38kb Aznar

  • AznarsLifeDection for Oblivion



    Modifies Neela's Life Shader mod to have a more natural Life Dectection using the red glows to fit Vampires. Lightened all Alpha values to give it a translucent effect, reducing XRay vision and allowing creatures base textures to show off better when up close.

    uploaded 20:05, 16 Apr 2006 940 41 6kb Aznar

  • Slower Leveling [GERMAN VERSION] for Oblivion

    This is the german version of Tandems Slower Leveling mod Version 1.2. I translated it to german, so the german players can enjoy this mod too. I changed nothing but the english names of the skilltexts into german. All the credits must go to Tandem!


    uploaded 19:43, 16 Apr 2006 143 9 28kb freezer250

  • Higher Thieves Guild Fence Amounts for Oblivion

    Higher Thieves' Guild Fence Amounts, v.1
    By Floach

    With mods such as Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, loot is made quite a bit more valuable.
    While this adds to the game tremendously (and makes it vastly more fun, in my
    opinion) it also means you burn through the loot "targets" to

    uploaded 19:26, 16 Apr 2006 1,587 46 3kb Floach

  • Luminars Alchemy Expanded for Oblivion

    Taken from my Readme file:

    Adds a large range of alchemical ingredients, as well as some new alchemical tools, and a few suprises to be discovered.
    A list of major features to whet your appetite:

    - Three new sets of Alchemy Apparatus: Dwarven, Ayleid and Daedric
    - All ingredients from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind recreated
    - Many of

    uploaded 17:38, 16 Apr 2006 2,072 34 24kb Luminar_Nightblade