• Skingrad Advanced v1 for Oblivion

    Skingrad Advanced v1.0
    by Shaun - aka AydenOfAnvil
    [email protected]

    Skingrad Advanced v1.0 README

    I always thought skingrad was one of the most boring and lonely towns, so I decided to try and do
    something about it. I created this mod out of that idea. It places a

    uploaded 9:17, 26 Apr 2006 360 24 60kb AydenOfAnvil

  • Borderless Cyrodiil for Oblivion

    This little mod removes the invisible borders from the land - so you can boldly go where no man has gone before...

    uploaded 7:22, 26 Apr 2006 86,823 1,897 11kb Rendelius

  • Prettier Vampire Faces for Oblivion

    General Info:
    A simple mod to make all vampire faces a bit prettier.

    -Extract "Prettier Vampire Faces.zip" into your "Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data" folder.
    -Start the Oblivion Launcher.
    -Click "Data Files".
    -Find and tick "Prettier Vampire Faces.esp"
    -Click "OK" and you're ready to

    uploaded 6:10, 26 Apr 2006 4,040 146 103kb Quazzy

  • Ghost Race for Oblivion

    Hi this is one of many mods i've made but the first i've uploaded.
    It just makes you a ghost at the start and it gives you full immunity to normal weopons.

    I know there are a few huge errors and if you can fix them can you tell me how and email it to me at [email protected]

    Also can you maybe upload it here.

    And the errors are whe

    uploaded 5:36, 26 Apr 2006 869 10 3kb raeies

  • Jason1s Pilotable Pirate Ship for Oblivion

    This is a sailing ship and rowboat that the player can control.

    Click on the hull or wheel of the ship to activate. Press 'run' - by default the shift key - to access the control menu while sailing. You'll need to select 'turn to my heading' from the menu to steer and 'half sails' or 'full sails' to move forward.


    uploaded 4:18, 26 Apr 2006 12,849 361 25kb Grumblepunk

  • 10 Arctic armor and weapons for Oblivion

    This mod adds new blue glass armor and weapons which you can buy in shop - A Fighting Chance in Imperial City.
    And It changes horse armor to new blue glass armor. You can take best horse in this armor in Imperial City stables.

    (c) BloodMaX, special thanks for Diranar for horse armor.

    uploaded 4:09, 26 Apr 2006 10,038 157 10,764kb BloodMaX

  • Imaginalex FF7 AC Sword Set Repack for Oblivion

    ModelMan Readme
    All credit for modeling and texturing belongs to Imaginalex.
    All I did (ModelMan) was use a different method to remake the .nif files, allowing
    lighting to effect the swords. Once again, great work to Imaginalex.

    New Install Instructions.
    Basically the same as before, but sin

    uploaded 4:07, 26 Apr 2006 9,051 157 5,875kb ModelMan

  • Zaleovs River Fix for Oblivion

    This mod is the begining of fixing how the main river in Oblivion doesn't flow out to sea. Leyawiin is the only currently modded area, but this modding also caused the displacement of two homes. They are now currently located just outside of where the northern wall used to be. Hopefully I will eventually be able to modify the other parts of the

    uploaded 3:55, 26 Apr 2006 110 4 126kb zaleov

  • Slofs Horses Base + Armored OMOD version for Oblivion

    Slof's Horses Base + Armored (OMOD version)

    Adds a touch more variety to the horses by adding a few uniques, as well as colour tweaks on the textures to remove the purplish tinge.

    This wonderful horse mod was created by AlienSlof (http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3532) and converted to .omod file. It contains base version of the

    uploaded 3:30, 26 Apr 2006 12,801 403 6,794kb Rio.One

  • Tsurugi for Oblivion

    Extract to Oblivion\data

    What it is
    It was originally a mod by Imaginalex but i have added a quest like thingy to get the sword
    The first clue is in the Imperial City Market District which will hopefully guide you further.

    Thanks hope u enjoy

    uploaded 3:25, 26 Apr 2006 295 7 4,623kb caska

  • Gem Dust for Oblivion

    * Gem Dust V1.1 *
    April 23, 06 - Project Started
    April 25, 06 - V1.0 Completed/Released
    April 26, 06 - Gold/Silver dust added, more unique icons added,dark maps added for dust meshes

    8 New Textures
    8 New Meshes
    8 New Icons


    uploaded 2:35, 26 Apr 2006 1,294 59 94kb turgothh

  • Dark Brotherhood Addons for Oblivion

    Dark Brother Addons V1.0 by SoNico717

    Version History

    1.0 - First Release.


    - This mod combine my last mod "Dark BrotherHood Hood Replacer 1.4" among with some modifications that I use for my own personal use.

    - To reduce incompatibility with other Dark BrotherHood mods I release

    uploaded 2:03, 26 Apr 2006 4,328 94 4,802kb sonico717