• fwBoethiaCustomRaceFix for Oblivion

    Makes the Boethia quest work for custom races.

    uploaded 17:26, 24 Apr 2006 4,894 158 2kb feywulf

  • Fighters Guild Dissapearences Mission Bug Fix for Oblivion

    This basically fixes the dissapearences mission for the fighters guild.
    In more detail it adds the correct setstage NPC corpse that for some reason does not exist for some people.

    uploaded 16:51, 24 Apr 2006 314 13 0kb clintonio

  • Magicka Regenerator for Oblivion

    This is really a small and simple mod. It adds a new altar to Arcane University Practice Room Upstairs. When you activate the altar it will regenerate your magicka. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I felt it frustrating to wait for my magicka to regenerate when I was practicing my magic. Now, all I have to do is activate the altar and I'm ready to p

    uploaded 16:09, 24 Apr 2006 113 1 1kb tapani_doe

  • Magik Tweaks for Oblivion

    I really thought in Oblivion, some spells were
    most useless and a lot of spells needed to be
    spammed. I mean, what's the point of having a 15
    point burden spell that lasts for 15 seconds?
    Mighty Magicka changes this type of things, and
    therefore I was really excited about testing it
    and all. But I quickly found that it was

    uploaded 15:46, 24 Apr 2006 22 0 4kb marcusklaas

  • HorsesTurnFaster for Oblivion

    Made this when the orginal Faster Turning Horses did not work, ie was no data in the esp. :(

    This doubles the horses turning speed from 45% per second to 90% per second.

    Here is the thread if you need it slowed down or increased. :)


    uploaded 12:58, 24 Apr 2006 9,466 200 1kb Acleacius

  • Publisher TEST 1 for Oblivion

    This is a book Publishing Test Mod. If you go to the Mage Guild in Balmora and find a mysterious inkwell with a scroll, you will be able to create books (after using it). Cool huh?
    This took me a while, but all I did was modify the selection from a shrine script, and replaced the effects with books.

    uploaded 11:16, 24 Apr 2006 44 1 0kb morsepone7

  • Xinera for Oblivion

    Xinera, a pretty darkelf woman. Save is in the 1st room. Enjoy

    uploaded 9:38, 24 Apr 2006 56 1 235kb ElvenRanger

  • Eilonia for Oblivion

    Eilonia, a pretty high-elf woman. Save is in the starting room. Enjoy

    uploaded 9:33, 24 Apr 2006 38 5 243kb ElvenRanger

  • Advent Children Tsurugi for Oblivion

    This plugin adds the model of the First Tsurugi from Advent Children.

    uploaded 6:20, 24 Apr 2006 20,237 390 1,960kb Ramengelion

  • Arrows Rebalanced for Oblivion

    Adds arrow speeds dependant and balanced on Material weights. Quality of arrows determines damage but not speed.


    From lightest to heaviest:


    *all arrow speeds governed by the above rule.
    *base damages for al

    uploaded 5:56, 24 Apr 2006 622 37 3kb anjen

  • Emarion Equipment for Oblivion

    Adds a set of armor and a set of weapons to a merchant in Anvil, near the front gates. Emarion Weaponry and armor is from my major project, Emaria Open. Emarion weapons are as strong as Ebony, but twice as durable, half as heavy, and twice the cost. Emarion armor is as strong as ebony, but much more costly, and much lighter (it is light armor, afte

    uploaded 5:02, 24 Apr 2006 163 11 9,503kb EmuMaster2002

  • Imaginalex FF7 AC sword modified for Oblivion

    Full credit for this amazing weapon goes to Imaginalex.
    I have only used a different methos of importing the weapon
    into Oblivion to make the lighting react as it should.

    Good work Imaginalex!

    uploaded 4:32, 24 Apr 2006 517 22 2,766kb ModelMan