• Jackal Knife for Oblivion

    Adds a new knife model.

    Where to find:
    The Jackal can be found in the Market District on one of the statues.

    To install:
    Place the textures and meshes in your Oblivion data folder. If they don't exist, create them. Place the .esp file in the data folder. Don't forget to activate it in data files in the launcher!

    uploaded 1:12, 26 Apr 2006 516 18 127kb glotwp55

  • female clothes for Oblivion

    Clothes v0.1

    This is a work in progress editing meshed and retexturing.

    Special thanks to Aleanne for posting how to edit meshes.
    The outfit mesh and textures are based on a modified version of Aleanne's silkrobe.


    put the file clothes.esp in your \Oblivion directory

    put the meshes folder and all its subfolders in

    uploaded 1:03, 26 Apr 2006 1,567 39 1,273kb butters12

  • Wearable Emperors Robe and Amulet of Kings for Oblivion

    "Ive Added a new barrel beside Olavs Tap and Tack in bruma and ive added enchantments to the amulet and the robe to make them better"

    This mod adds Emperors Robes and Amulet of kings as playable armour. To get the armour you need to look inside a barrel i placed in the beggining prison.

    There will be the amulet of kings

    uploaded 0:44, 26 Apr 2006 648 17 2kb Crosser

  • Beast Tongue Evolved for Oblivion

    12:14 AM 4/26/2006
    by WishSaw


    After asking numerous times on the Boards for someone to fix the useless Beast Tongue Power i decided to do it myself.

    Now there's a reason to play as the Wood-Elf (Besides his excellent Mark

    uploaded 0:30, 26 Apr 2006 771 32 2kb Wishmaster74

  • Radiuju Race for Oblivion

    This is a new race of my own creation, the Radiuju. They are a hybrid of Nords and Dunmer, tall with light blue skin tones. They originated in Skyrim and were forced out by Orc mercenaries. They wandered southeast Cyrodiil and western Morrowind but contracted disease. Very few families exist and are weakened by sickness. They are mainly a warrior r

    uploaded 0:30, 26 Apr 2006 174 2 241kb icewolf101

  • Divine Armor for Oblivion


    Divine Armor v1.0
    Textured by Bad Andy


    Unzip into your Oblivion\data directory


    My second attempt at modding.
    It features 9 new re-textures of the

    uploaded 0:17, 26 Apr 2006 459 21 1,623kb Bad Andy

  • Translate Flora Name for Oblivion

    Tradução do nome da flora interativa para o português

    Translation of the name of interactive flora for Portuguese language!

    uploaded 0:00, 26 Apr 2006 180,677 1 21kb Eduardo_2006

  • Chuck Norris!!! for Oblivion

    Here he is in all his Chuck Norrisiness!
    This is the character used in my Chuck Norris - Oblivion Style video seen on Youtube and other places. Now you too can randomly beat the crap out of NPCs without shame just like Chuck himself would do.

    uploaded 23:34, 25 Apr 2006 2,451 62 313kb kaiem

  • Misc Tracker for Oblivion

    All this mod does is notify you when your fame, infamy, or bounty go up. If it's your bounty it will try to tell you what you did wrong (murder, theft, assault). It also notifies you if you've murdered somebody, whether you got a bounty for it or not. Each message informs you the amount that the stat raised by and what its new total is. It's great for people who don't like to continual

    uploaded 23:14, 25 Apr 2006 4,930 229 2kb seorin

  • Clouds First Tsurugi for Oblivion

    -------AC Cloud`s FIRST TSURUGI--------
    modelled by Imaginalex, and this little mod
    -----------------by RiXeD--------------------

    Well, if you are FF fan, I suppose you already
    know this mod, lol. If you don`t, then I`ll tell you-
    it adds Cloud`s First Sword and all

    uploaded 22:48, 25 Apr 2006 1,988 48 5,331kb RiXeD

  • JAM3SlowLevelingV1 for Oblivion


    This is just my personal settings that I have found to work well after playing a few games.
    Gives the right feel with realism mods and is adjusted for the overall pace of the default
    skill progressions. Just throw the .esp in your .\data directory.

    x# is the number divided by that multiple.
    0 means the defaul was

    uploaded 22:26, 25 Apr 2006 117 8 6kb JAM3

  • Glass_Horse_Armor_Dark_PackV10_by_Diranar for Oblivion

    *** Glass Horse Armor Dark Pack V 1.0 ***

    This texture will replace the original elven horse armor by "the colour you shoosed" Glass Horse Armor.

    YOU NEED THE DLC1 HORSE ARMOR PACK, without it this don't work at all ;)

    In this Pack are the following Colours :

    Dark [Goldborder] directory name : Dark[Goldbo

    uploaded 21:10, 25 Apr 2006 704 30 6,369kb Diranar