• Dagger of Wizards Bane for Oblivion

    This is just a small mod, but i feel, it is a very satisfying addition to the game as it helps to reward the open-endedness of a certain quest which i think is a bit lacking.

    I have added a new enchanted weapon to the game, that has some interesting and useful properties and can be found at the end of the 'Two Sides of the Coin' quest whic

    uploaded 18:44, 9 Apr 2006 94 4 1kb PersianPaladin

  • Night Eye Toggle for Oblivion

    plain .esp Version
    NightEye Toggle Standalone

    Version 1.0 Final

    This little Modification changes the Khajiit Night Eye to be a toggle instead of a timed effect.
    Just place the .esp file into the ..\oblivion\data folder and activate it.

    I've seen one or two other toggles before but none of those

    uploaded 18:42, 9 Apr 2006 661 30 1kb otteje

  • Maquissars Races of Tamriel for Oblivion

    This mod changes the racial bonuses to something which is, in my opinion, a little more balanced. As of now, no warrior has a reason NOT to choose the redguards, with their "+50 to four attributes PLUS a health bonus to make sure you don't get killed" power.

    Also, I changed the relations between races to something more consistant with t

    uploaded 18:36, 9 Apr 2006 66 1 11kb Maquissar

  • Oblivion_NewNebular_PlanetXrar for Oblivion

    Version 2.0 of this mod has now been added


    a totally new texture for you to enjoy

    This mod replaces the default texture for the central band/main nightsky nebular with a new more colorful/detailed texture

    Its 1 brand new texture made in photoshop by hand (no photo modding/screenshots)

    uploaded 18:27, 9 Apr 2006 3,204 69 10,966kb thonk

  • fwHealthModFixzip for Oblivion

    If your health isn't healing ot the correct max amount, this mod can help you.

    Figure out the ammount that your health is off by. If you can heal 10 more than your max use -10. If you can heal 10 short of your max, use 10.

    Console command:
    set fwHealthModFixQuest.modAmount to 10
    startquest fwHealthModFixQuest

    uploaded 17:54, 9 Apr 2006 82 3 1kb feywulf

  • Improved Lava PATCH Optional for Oblivion

    Comes with a new texture and a new .esp that has normal damage.

    uploaded 17:39, 9 Apr 2006 161 7 555kb seniorfrito

  • Volengrad Castle for Oblivion

    This adds a player-owned castle/mansion to the North of Skingrad, called Volengrad.

    A fully furnished castle, owned by the player, including:
    - a Great hall
    - Private Quarters
    - Dungeon (with secret area!)
    - Servants' Quarters
    - Library
    - Winecellar (with secret area!)
    - Large staircase with alchemical room
    - Tower that can

    uploaded 17:29, 9 Apr 2006 7,383 137 112kb HomoUniversalis

  • Unfinished Staffs for Oblivion

    MrDarkSim's Unfinished Staffs v1.0

    What does plugin do?
    It adds Enchantable Staffs.Rindir will sell them to you for 200 drakes a pop.

    uploaded 16:43, 9 Apr 2006 568 23 410kb MrDarkSim

  • Arks Tribute to Leeroy Jenkins for Oblivion

    Ark's Tribute to Leeroy Jenkins Plugin for Oblivion
    Version 1.2
    by Arkenor Oakshadow

    Mail me with any bugs, suggestions, questions or comments -


    Version 1.2 A seperate esp added, Ark's Uber Leero

    uploaded 15:51, 9 Apr 2006 170 4 466kb Arkenor

  • Realistic eyes for Oblivion


    You might notice some eyes are named,
    Eye2/10/13 this is because im doing a collection of 47 eyes to be added and i will name them acordingly when finished

    THIS MOD HAS 37 EYES and another 20 in development

    This Mod will Keep the original eye textures but add new ones,

    I had real photgraphic images of,

    Human ey

    uploaded 15:51, 9 Apr 2006 1,119 40 638kb ShoC

  • Godly Valor Arena Armor for Oblivion

    This modifies the arena valor armor that the grey prince (arena champion) wears and the armor that you get if you defeat him.
    Remember that this armor takes 4 slots in your character.
    This armor gives
    +200 life +5 life per second -5 magicka per second (cancels magicka regeneration from about 50 willpower) +1000 feather (more loot)
    Good lu

    uploaded 15:49, 9 Apr 2006 273,122 12 1kb apolonas

  • Attractive Breton Girl for Oblivion

    An attractive Breton girl at the exit from the sewers. Recommend Natural Faces for best quality. No other mod dependencies.

    uploaded 15:39, 9 Apr 2006 157 11 225kb Falconhurst