• Grs fix for Tylians for Oblivion

    it was made by someone who uses a frence version of oblivion
    and it did not work with the enlish ones

    Screen shot And Link to original file:


    Original description:

    Those are the tylians , they

    uploaded 19:42, 19 Apr 2006 57 0 5,706kb GroeneRizla

  • Acidons Enchantment FIX for Oblivion

    --=[ Acidon's Enchantment "Fix" v1.0 ]=--



    1. Mod Type (IMHO)
    2. Description
    3. Installation
    4. Uninstallation
    5. Version History
    6. Contact Me


    uploaded 19:10, 19 Apr 2006 4,919 159 24kb Acidon

  • Acidons Item Cost Fix for Oblivion

    --=[ Acidon's Item Cost "Fix" v1.0 ]=--
    --=[ by Acidon ]=--



    1. Mod Type (IMHO)
    2. Description
    3. Installation
    4. Uninstallation
    5. Version History
    6. Contact Me


    uploaded 19:00, 19 Apr 2006 398 27 8kb Acidon

  • Regenerate Magicka Enchantment for Oblivion

    This is something very small I made for myself in about 30 seconds , Raminus Polus at the Arcane University now sells a spell "Regenerate Mana" , I wanted to use that spell to enchant my Arch-Mage's Robe and Hood and I did.

    uploaded 18:31, 19 Apr 2006 1,571 51 1kb Lauriy

  • GoldWeight for Oblivion

    GoldWeight v1.0

    For roleplayers, realism fans, and masochists: Weighted Gold!

    All gold now weights 0.01 each

    Also adds a 'Gold Dropper' tool to your inventory so you can actually drop gold - Oblivion doesn't let you otherwise.

    Gold weight is simulated by 'gold weight' coins in your inventory. This ensures this mod is comp

    uploaded 18:19, 19 Apr 2006 1,217 39 3kb VenomByte

  • New worlds - Giant arenas for Oblivion

    This mod will add a quest, and 12 arenas to fight through. The arenas are
    simply floor with big creatures that u have to kill, and to the end it's 1
    big bad boss. U will also get some nice equipment before u start the quest, and
    since i don't like overbalanced mods, the items will be lost when the quest is
    complete(Exept from boots of bin

    uploaded 17:04, 19 Apr 2006 1,490 60 129kb HavocX

  • DragonArmor for Oblivion

    We've all seen them, Glass reskins here and there, but now finally a Daedric retexture is here. This texture was originally created by Jayson, then Shiraishi retextured them after Jayson had realeased his (unfinished?) version. Shiraishi retextured the Original Dragonbone Armor, and added the greaves, a helmet, a shield and a retexture of an Elv

    uploaded 16:49, 19 Apr 2006 340 11 6,661kb ironvalley

  • Mehrunes Razor Revisited for Oblivion

    Mehrunes Razor - New Weapon for Oblivion: Letalis


    As with many Daedric Artifacts, they tend to get passed on from one owner to the next. according to legend, Mehrunes Dagon created a dagger of extordinary power capable of killing a creature in a single strike. Mehrunes Razor is an artifact according to Tamriellic Lore, that was used in

    uploaded 15:35, 19 Apr 2006 141 6 313kb Letalis

  • Nuki_Hoodzra Claws for Oblivion


    1. History

    0.7 Beta Release
    -Completely re-created all textures; normal maps/glow maps/colour maps.
    -All meshes have been completely recreated.
    -Completely Recreated all claws from within the CS.
    -Rebalanced all claws with the rest of the Oblivion weapons.
    -Tested for compatibility; This mod si

    uploaded 13:47, 19 Apr 2006 1,775 63 6,679kb explodingseashells

  • Better Gardens Cheydinhal house for Oblivion

    Provides a garden for the yard of the house the player can purchase in Cheydinhal.
    The original yard is a sorry barren sight.

    uploaded 13:01, 19 Apr 2006 1,093 73 7kb charlie_delta

  • Pit Leather Armour Fix for Oblivion

    I noticed in CS that the values for basic pit leather armor are all zero, making them worthless in the game since they will break straight way. So this esp file will address this issue. I made the values somewhere in between those for basic fur and the more specialised theif leather armor.

    If anyone has any further thoughts about what the valu

    uploaded 12:11, 19 Apr 2006 76 3 1kb Jorne

  • Meadows of Cyrodiil for Oblivion

    Additional exploration music for Oblivion.


    Put the mp3 into /data/music/explore - rename the atmosphere_01 in there first in case you want to revert to the old music.

    This is a piece of music I composed and performed with Steinberg Cubase and classical orchestra samples from Miroslav Philharmonic. It has the classical touch o

    uploaded 11:17, 19 Apr 2006 273 18 3,421kb Rendelius