• Book Modders Resource for Oblivion

    This is not a mod, but a small collection of templates and meshes for the basic Oblivion books with tweaked UV mapping to be used as a modder's resource.

    Since I'm working on a mod that adds text to the spines of the books, I needed to adjust their UV mapping to support the text without smearing, doubling or inverting. I thought others mig

    uploaded 8:04, 29 Apr 2006 262 18 598kb Daleth

  • Natural Wildlife resized v11 for Oblivion

    Hunter's mod version also available at http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3749
    See also.. new version of "Larger Ogres and Trolls (Etc)" at http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2805


    *v1-1 - added missing Timber Wolf nif files (Oops)
    Copy the fil

    uploaded 5:34, 29 Apr 2006 2,476 81 1,740kb neeboo9

  • Illumination Within Fix for Oblivion

    UPDATE: Bugfixed my bugfix.

    A fix for the released Illumination Within version 1.0.
    Originally, Illumination Within required you to have Oblivion installed in the default directory. Otherwise, it would not be able to locate the texture files within the nifs, and would display purple textures instead.

    Just replace the nif files from Illumin

    uploaded 4:34, 29 Apr 2006 2,258 109 144kb Nahrix

  • Wizards Tower Addon for Oblivion

    This started out as a personal mod. I paid for the Orrery, and didn't much like it.
    I paid for the Wizard's Tower, and while I was indeed pleased with it, I felt it just
    needed a little more. So I added four (count 'em, FOUR) buildings outside that contained
    some features I felt the tower was originally lacking. It took a lot of work -

    uploaded 3:34, 29 Apr 2006 3,850 116 20kb lostingeneral

  • Full Helms V1 Beta for Oblivion

    This modification adds a front face part to the Glass Helmet which covers your face.
    This mod does nothing except edit the orignal mesh and replace all the Glass helmets with it.
    More Helms will be added.
    Khajiits Clip, there are also some other minor clips, If you use Khajiit, this mod may not be for you...yet.

    uploaded 2:04, 29 Apr 2006 1,382 43 77kb GrimReaper_D

  • Jeepers Creepers Peepers for Oblivion

    This mod will add over 175 new eyes to choose from when creating a character. Each class has its own eye styles still in tact (example, dark elves still have redish scleras, orcs black.) Various styles range from Movie FX eyes to Anime, game or music artist eyes. (example, sharingan, manson, Lestat, lost boys, Blade 2, etc.)

    uploaded 1:23, 29 Apr 2006 6,071 211 1,094kb danburridge

  • White Tiger Armor for Oblivion

    -White Tiger Armor-

    My very first mod hehe.
    People have mailed me for it so thought why not share it with others.
    This is for u anime fans out there.
    As some have seen it looks a bit like Pinks armor from Dragon Pink serie.
    I kept the colors bright and simple as in anime so no fancy "real life" stuff.
    Have fun with it.
    Each item has

    uploaded 1:23, 29 Apr 2006 2,358 56 1,341kb Night76

  • Illumination Within for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion "Illumination Within" | V1.0
    Fixed Path Version..

    By: Slap & ModMan

    Information on Version 1.00

    This mod lights up in the evening, the external windows of most buildings throughout the world of Cyr

    uploaded 1:03, 29 Apr 2006 107,706 2,950 7,839kb slap

  • Harvest Flora LEGACY for Oblivion

    VERSION 3.0 is Out! Use link in Right panel ===>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Harvest [Flora] v2.1 Final
    by -Dejunai and DragonFireSG

    Removes or Modifies 3D Art for Flora Objects when searched for ingredients. The Original Artwork returns after the Cell Resets.

    Be Back with More Later...

    uploaded 0:54, 29 Apr 2006 743 94 4,000kb XmirroR

  • Breton_Asian_Female for Oblivion

    I tried to make this face as much as possible to look like an asian female. The look may change depend on your hardware configurations, so feel free to adjust it if needed.

    Besure to use Capucine's Eye Selection and Natural Faces v.08 by M. Daikon.

    I put a bmp along with the save file before exist the sewer, can change the char profile if

    uploaded 0:40, 29 Apr 2006 157 8 366kb SpireofSouls

  • House Improvements v0 20 OLD for Oblivion

    -by Dubert

    Find it here: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=4013

    Improve you house FURTHER!
    Buy more improvements, and be a few steps closer to the house of your dreams!

    New in v0.20:
    -4 new improvements for you Bravil home!

    Just extract the .esp file to your

    uploaded 0:34, 29 Apr 2006 32 1 61kb Dubert

  • Bloodmail for Oblivion

    This is an updated version of the Bloodmail
    I had done earlier. The new set now has full normal mapping, and is uses relative paths so it can be installed with any hard drive paths. The armor can be found in the Sanctuary training
    room, in a chest.

    2.1 corrects the problem with the icons not appearing. Install as normally, if

    uploaded 23:40, 28 Apr 2006 318 15 5,209kb Crozius26