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  • Pretty Breton woman save for Oblivion

    The games is saved immediately before the sewer exit. If you like the face, everything else can be changed.

    uploaded 0:34, 15 Apr 2006 524 18 277kb inokungfu

  • TeMpOs Bow of Infinity 1 3a for Oblivion

    TeMpO`s Bow of Infinity 1.3a

    Normal Arrows version included - Less powerful then the enchanted arrows version. You can use these mods alone or simultaneously, and then choose which Bow to use.

    TeMpO`s Bow of Infinity never runs out of ammo. The arrows are automatically equipped along with the bow, and you cannot sell them (Bow or Arrows).

    uploaded 22:55, 14 Apr 2006 460 21 4kb TempoJMFS

  • Youris Alternate Advancement for Oblivion

    This mods eliminates the need to micromanage your attributes when you level up.

    1.14: minor bugfix

    Bugfix in 1.13:
    Changed how existing abilitied were converted, to prevent potential skill loss. This will cause some message spam if you load this version for the first time.

    Known cosmetics bugs:
    - Fortify effects from abilities do not sho

    uploaded 22:54, 14 Apr 2006 58 6 18kb yourideboer

  • Sins Expanded Light Armor Kit for Oblivion

    Welcome to Sin's Expanded Light Armor Kit 2.1

    What does this mod do?

    This mod now adds 6 new types of armor to the game at around level 20+.

    New in 2.1
    *Drakefired Glass set

    *Blue Glass
    *Elven Sky
    *Elven Eldar
    *Golden Mithril

    This armor can only be foun

    uploaded 21:31, 14 Apr 2006 1,226 19 34,353kb goc_sin

  • Summon Ghostwheel for Oblivion

    This mod is designed for those people who would like to roleplay a character
    from one of Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles. It lets your character start with
    a spell called "Summon Ghostwheel," which summons a Ghost for 120 seconds. It requires a
    Apprentice in Conjuration and costs 10 Magicka. I did not design this mod to give
    a figh

    uploaded 20:59, 14 Apr 2006 76 1 1kb Lindir

  • Goblin Wars for Oblivion

    Goblin Wars BETA 3

    NOTES: This mod does not break any quests or inadvertently affect normal gameplay.

    This mod modifies the scripts and AI related to the 7 Goblin Tribes of Cyrodiil. Those are the:

    Bloody Hand tribe of Cracked Wood Cave.
    Rock Biter tribe of Timberscar Hollow.
    Skull Breaker tribe of Wenderbek Cave.

    uploaded 20:45, 14 Apr 2006 1,959 30 9kb DrGamut

  • Althirs Balanced Tamriel for Oblivion

    Althirs Balanced Tamriel Version 2.1

    The english version of this Mod can be found here:


    Update auf Version 2.1:
    In der Version 2.1 habe ich nochmal so einiges verändert. Um es kurz zu machen nur die wichtigste Verände

    uploaded 20:21, 14 Apr 2006 239,708 6 1,491kb Althir

  • Mage Guild Teleporter OMOD for Oblivion

    NB! Omod version only, check the links to the right for .esp version!

    .::What it Does::.
    It adds a teleporter pad in every Mage Guild that transports you to a Teleporter's Room at the Arcane University. From here you can access the teleport pad to every Mage Guild in Cyrodiil. Including Kvatch! But since Kvatch ain't rebuild yet, it does

    uploaded 19:49, 14 Apr 2006 389 8 180kb phat39

  • Old School Artifacts 11 for Oblivion

    32 Artifacts known out of Morrowind placed in the World of Cyrodiil. Readme for further instructions.

    -Version 1.1: Translated the german enemy names. Sorry for that.

    uploaded 19:35, 14 Apr 2006 1,949 51 70kb 0cu

  • Aleanne chain bikini for Oblivion

    A chain bikini, derived from the hunter outfit. Low AR (same as fur) but you can change this with the CS.

    uploaded 19:28, 14 Apr 2006 3,470 130 3,464kb Aleanne

  • Aleanne Translucent Glass armor for Oblivion

    A modification of the glass armor suited for females only. This is the translucent variation.

    Screenshots are those of the red version.

    uploaded 18:49, 14 Apr 2006 6,279 158 5,741kb Aleanne

  • Aleanne Red Glass armor for Oblivion

    A modification of the glass armor suited for females only. This is the red variation.

    Screenshots are those of the red version.

    uploaded 18:45, 14 Apr 2006 884 40 5,827kb Aleanne