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Added: 14/03/2007 - 06:35AM
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Last updated at 3:44, 27 Mar 2007 Uploaded at 6:35, 14 Mar 2007

Screenshots are from v1.0, updated screenshots coming soon!!!
Check here for screenshots (TES Source doesn't like the format they are in on my computer):

Adds a very short quest to gain some necromancy powers that can be used to create your own weak horde.

Update 3/26/07 - v1.1
Fixes some minor bugs related to the minions that had previously gone unnoticed.
The Mutate race now has some minor alterations to textures to make it appear better.
Minions will now properly help you in battle, as opposed to sitting there and watching you die.

Update 3/23/07 - v1.0
Now the minions can be summoned as either archers, warriors, or casters. Each looks different from the others.
Commanding your minions is now easier, simply activate them and command each one individually, this will make it easier to control your horde.
Grave Digging now exists, you may need to restart the mod (Load your game without the mod, save, then reactivate the mod) to gain this ability.
You can summon a recruiter (Although he can't recruit anything yet, he will remain in future updates so you can go ahead and get him) for 50 gold, he will eventually allow you to recruit new members to the guild for a price.

Powers Added:
Necrotic Creation (Perm) - Summons a skeletal minion if you have the materials. You may choose between an archer, warrior, or caster.
Grave Digging (Perm) - Summons a door that allows you to enter a grave to gain bones needed to create minions

1. Known bugs
2. Plans for future
3. Current features
4. Installation/Uninstallation
5. Notes/e-mail support
6. Credits

1) Minions do not take sun damage.
2) Items in the previous grave will be in the next grave you dig.

1) Upgradeable chapel that upgrades in a similar manner to that used in the Vile Lair, Wizard's Tower, and Thieves Den Official Plugins
2) Faction quests that will resemble a storyline such as the Main Quest, Mage's Guild Quests, Thief's Guild Quests, Dark Brotherhood Quests, etc.
3) Increase the length of the starting quest.
4) Minions will take sun damage.

1) Short quest to gain the Necromancy powers
2) Use up ingredients (2 bonemeal, ribcage, skull) to create minions.
3) A small chapel and cellar with pews and a podium for speaking (give a sermon to the air molecules!)
4) A necromancer class designed with the skills you need to succeed in the Art of Necromancy.
5) A new playable race called the Mutate with Necromancer related bonuses.
6) Grave digging!
7) Some more that I can't remember (I think)...

1) To install simply unextract contents so that they are located in the Oblivion\Data folder and run the Oblivion game.
2) Next click the Data Files button on the menu before the game loads (It says "Run" "Data Files" "Options" "Elderscrolls.com" "Technical Support" "Uninstall" "Exit")
3) Enable the .esp file titled "Necromancy Enhanced" and the .esp file titled "2367-1.0-Borderless Cyrodiil-TESSource" you may do this by double-clicking them.
4) Exit the Data Files window and click the Run button.
5) Play the game with an existing character, or a new character.
6) Play until you want to uninstall the mod, then proceed to step 7.
7) To uninstall, simply delete the mod "Necromancy Enhanced" or uncheck it in the Data Files window.

The chapel is located in the northwestern border area of the map, it is called "Necromancers' Hideout." You can fast-travel there whenever you like, provided you are in the right location. Once you are there, look for the letter on the floor inside the chapel (its in the aisle).
Follow the instructions it provides and go down into the cellar. On the first level, look for two notes, then proceed down to the next level.

If you need to contact me for anything (such as suggestions, comments, questions, concerns, bug reports (please send these), or a question about where a note is or how to add it via the console), you may send an email to: [email protected]

Credits to Bethesda for making Oblivion and the CS with which to edit it.
Credits to the maker(s) of the Borderless Cyrodiil mod, which without it we wouldn't be able to reach the hideout.
Credits to the reader for trying out this mod!