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Castle Highrock
A plugin for "The Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion"
Created with US-version 1.1.511 (latest patch for Oblivion required!)

This plugin adds a buyable Castle and a small village a few steps west of Bruma.
-Talk to Thronar to buy the castle (he can be found inside the "mainhall" or the "main-tower-chapel" of the castle)

-buyable castle (containing 14 high detailed interior cells: Lord quarter, Lord quarter bath, Wintergarden, treasury, commoner quarters, kitchen, main hall, basement, main-tower-chapel, guest quarters, south-east-tower, east-gate-tower, west-gate tower, dungeon)
-ingredient sorter (can be found inside the "wintergarden" of the castle) which will collect all your ingredients out of your inventory as soon as you activate the crystall standing on the desk (the ingredients will be put in the barrel below it)
-static (master) alchemy apparati (can be found inside the "wintergarden" of the castle; the activator apparati act just like the spellmaking and enchanting altars. Simply activate them. A set of master apparati will be added to your inventory and you will be informed that an alchemical experiment has begun as the alchemy window appears. Closing the alchemy window removes the apparati from the players inventory until he reactivates the static apparati.)
-teleport-home-spell (scroll can be found inside the "lord quarter" on a desk; your character will learn this spell by reading the scroll)
-small village (shop, 2 houses, priory, chapel, stable)
-30 NPCs (including a guard patrol controlling every day the way from "Highrock" to "Bruma"; b.t.w. the guards will respawn)
-all needed distant-LOD-files (the castle and the village will be visible in far distance)
(btw. all your loot will be save inside any container of the castle (but not the ones out of the village!) (although they may contain some clutter) beside the one named "Castle Highrock Servant Food Cupboard" ("Castle Highrock Servant Food Cupboard" is the only respawning container (needed to avoid strange behavior of the NPCs as soon as they may run out of food) which can also be recognized by their shown "foreign" ownership)

-The dialogue "Castle Highrock" of the NPC Thronar uses "silent" mp3-files (there is no voice-acting)
-Merchant, alchemist and smith offer their services inside the "Trade Post" from 08:00 am to 18:00 pm; the mage offers recharging of enchanted weapons and training from 08:00 am to 18:00 pm inside the castle´s main-hall; a priest sells some spells from 07:00 to 18:00 inside the castle´s chapel (not inside the chapel down by the village!)
-There aren´t any oversized interior cells; the whole castle has been build within it´s exterior walls. And I wished to show this also in the in-game-map; the player should always be able to see where he is just standing in the castle. So if you notice that the in-game-map of any interior cell of the castle looks very similar to the exterior that´s not a bug but a feature of that plugin.
-If you can´t afford the castle at once and you are in need for a place to sleep, have a look inside the priory. There is always a free bed available.

Changes in V 1.1:
-replaced some books inside the "Lord Quarter" with "Garaks Booksets" (which act as a container) to avoid books being kicked out of a shelf as soon as you open the door
-set the desk inside the "Wintergarden" not to respawn
-removed a doubled wall object in the exterior
-removed the "Teleport-Home-Spell" (it caused the "I have no greeting"-bug as soon as it is used while staying on "Shivering Isles")