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Added: 13/02/2007 - 10:55PM
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- Version History

1.5 - 05 March 2007
Scripting rewritten by Scruggsywuggsy the Ferret. The duplication issue was eliminated, as a result.
1.4 - 28 February 2007
Added Chorrol to the list of merchant locations.
1.3 - 26 February 2007
Implemented the Armorer skill to the check percentages and Lockpick Blanks. Added alternate files for a new lockpick mesh and clear lock base background.
1.2 - 20 February 2007
Adjusted percentage chance for receiving a lockpick. Added rakes to the list.
1.1 - 12 February 2007
Cleaned scripting
1.0 - 10 February 2007

- Description

This modification was originally derived from NVShacker's "Bone Grind" mod, with a lot of great suggestions from Elder Scrolls Forum members. Scruggsywuggsy the Ferret completely rebuilt the scripts, streamlining them even further. It is now truly a simple and elegant solution to the issue of crafting lockpicks.

Adds Metal Files to various merchants, located throughout Cyrodiil. You do not need to be a member of the Thieves' Guild to purchase, as the item in question is just a basic metal file. It's not *their* fault, what you do with it. ;)

As of version 1.3, Lockpick Blanks have been added to all Fences. These cost 1/3rd the price of a lockpick and yield one pick per blank.

- Use

With a Metal File in your inventory, simply click on any of the below inventory items, to attempt crafting them into lockpicks. The number of lockpicks that you can make is partially determined by the average of your current Armorer and Security skills, as explained below.

Armorer:Security ratio = 2:1

( 1-24) Novice 75% of 0, 25% of 1
(25-49) Apprentice 50% of 0, 50% of 1
(50-74) Journeyman 75% of 1, 25% of 2
(75-99) Expert 50% of 1, 50% of 2
(100 +) Master 25% of 1, 50% of 2, 25% of 3

- Usable Materials

Hand Scythe
Lower Class Knife
Metal Bowl
Metal Plate
Farm Tongs

- Available Merchants

Norbert Lelles
- Anvil, Lelles' Quality Merchandise
- Bravil, The Fair Deal
- Bruma, Novaroma
Borba gra-Uzgash
- Cheydinhal, Borba's Goods and Stores
- Chorrol, Northern Goods and Trade
- Imperial Market District, Copious Coinpurse
- Leyawiin, Best Goods and Guarantees
- Skingrad, Colovian Traders

- Credits

First, I would like to extend my appreciation to Scruggs, for his scripting expertise. Without his help, the lockpick blanks would have been eliminated. Although the original scripting was very minimal, Scruggs cleaned them even further. They are now just the barest glimpse of code and work much more efficiently, than before.

Thanks to NVShacker, for the inspiration that is Bone Grind. A plug-in that is so amazingly simple and does exactly what it advertises.

In addition, I would like to thank dhkoster, migthegreat and Vorwoda_the_Black for their continued support and suggestions to help make this little plug-in better with every release. You three are what make modding fun. :)

- Known Conflicts

Axebane's Hunter Mod, or any plug-in incorporating this Fletching method, due to scripts that were placed upon the default shears (Shears01) and Tongs (Tongs01). There are three methods of correcting this issue.
1. Corrected via load order. If you want to be able to use Axebane's Fletching and Leatherworking Tools, simply load that mod *after* this one.
2. Remove the lockpick file scripts from shears and tongs, with the Construction Set.
3. Create unique Fletching and Leatherworking Tools, for Axebane's Hunter Mod, and make them available at select merchants. Then clean out the tong and shear entries from the Hunter's .esp.