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You think the weapons are overpowered?
Try the ingame menu (console -> "startquest ACWMenu") first before complaining... please?



Hello everyone!

I'll try to keep this short, most people will just skip this text and move on the the screenies anyway so why bother about writing anything long-winded?

As some of you may know I've done a few more historical oriented swords for NWN2. Now that I have the models lying around here on my HD I thought why not use them, improve them for 1st person use and release them for OB? Well easy enough I thought and started... in the process I then realized that I had to redo the textures from scratch as well as tweak the models quite a but to make them not look too bland in a 1st person game. In the next few months we will all see how this will turn out... I promise that I will do a few WIP releases so you guys have something to look at apart from the screenshots, but I can't say how fast the mod will evolve and when (or if) it will be completed. I also doubt that there will be any quests since I haven't yet looked into anything quest-related and I'm afraid I don't have the ambition to work myself into this tedious CS work. I'm only a (virtual) wannabe weaponsmith... nothing more, nothing less.


Current Version:

0.70: OBSE only!
- I've started to use OBSE for the 'Classical Weaponry'! Everyone who does not have OBSE installed can not use this and any following version!
- Scripts partially moved to OBSE functions which are simply 'cleaner' than their standard counterparts (i.e. ModAV)
- Blade texture für the Tyrfing replica provided

- Fixed a bug where the Boss that is supposed to carry Sorrow didn't appear. Sorry for the folks who were searching in the right spot but came out with empty hands!
- Moved Frostfang to its new location. The hintbook for Frostfang is still missing. Sorry!
- Added missing icon for Frostfang and changed icon for Reign of Truth.

- Reign of Truth revamped (yes it looks like Anduril... that was my intention ;)).
- Fixed the 'bug' that the enemies hit with the swords got passive after a few hits. That was due to using damage attribute spells instead of drain. The enemies simply had no or negative attribute values for i.e. speed or strength.
- The swords have now shadows too (thanks to painkiller_rider for his help!)
- Fixed a bug with the 1-handed version of Mercy not showing up correctly.

- Kinslayer revamped, made it a little more ornate and tweaked the mesh a bit, completely new texture for the sword and the scabbard - feedback welcome.
- Placed the ranger bow and one of the viking swords (Glondemir) in the world.
- Added 'Frostfang' (see Credits), a nordic style claymore that can change the weather - it starts to snow if you score a critical hit
- If you try to wield one of the bastard swords or 'Frostfang' with one hand only you will need at least a strength of 80 or you will suffer damage penalties.

- Added an ingame menu to let the player tweak the following values: Amount of extra damage, chance of extra- and critical hits, instant kills possible yes/no. Enter "startquest AdCustMenu" (053 patch only) or "startquest ACWMenu" (0.53 full versions and later) in the console to bring up the menu (note: You have to close the console for the menu to appear).

- Finally, I hope that 'Despair' is fixed now... again. If so you can thank miketee721 who made me look like a fool ;)

0.50 beta:
- Each of the 7 (non-replica) Bastard Sword now has its own unique enchantment.

0.40 beta:
- Placed each weapon in a specific location in Tamriel (except the vikings for now - they will come later).
- Added a book to the bookseller in the IC Market district (very expensive relic) that will give you hints on where to find the weapons.
- All weapons but one are unenchanted.

0.35 alpha:
- Reduced the shineyness effect.
- Added scripts to make the bastard swords swappable between one- and two-handed use.

0.30 alpha:
- Added two more Viking skins and scabbards for the Viking swords.

0.21 alpha:
- Forgot the .esp in the last version (oops!)

0.20 alpha:
- Added a replica of all current versions to the 'Stash'n Smash' in the Imperial City Market District.

0.10 alpha:
- First set of blades, for internal use only (modders resource)



Frostfang was originally designed as 'Celtic Wolf' by John Lundemo of Odinblades (http://www.odinblades.com).


What to expect:

New swords - I will add a bunch of more 'historical oriented' swords, mostly western europe style I think but that may change while I mod, I have no concrete aim on what to include.

NO new armor - I'm no armorsmith, I won't do any armor so please don't ask. There are a lot of people who are really talented and have already created amazing armor sets! Go ask them