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Added: 26/01/2007 - 01:47PM
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“Graverobber” BETA 1 by WereWolf ([email protected])
Name: Graverobber BETA1
Ver.: 0.2
Author: WereWolf
Email: [email protected]

Hi to everyone,

This is my first mod and English is not my native language. So, please, don't be rude to me. ;-)

I saw this idea some time ago in this topic: Gravedigger / Tomb robbing... by Zappara.

And I thought that it was a great idea, so I started doing my own version. At the beggining only to practice with CS and scripting. But then, when I saw that Zappara's mod didn't see the light I sent him a PM to ask if I could make public my own mod, and here it is.

There are some details to be fixed, but the better part of the work is already done.

Note: Originaly the name of the mod was "Tombs Looter", but after some sugestions I decided to change it for "Graverobber". (Thanks dev_akm)

The Mod:
I've added graves to most of the tombs in the Imperial City’s cemetery.
I want to add more graves in each cemetery and all over the map in random places.

Tools needed:
You will need a shovel to be able to dig up a grave (plain vanilla Oblivion shovels).

Digging time:
The time needed to dig the grave will be determined by player strength:
Ex.: str = 30 > duration = 4h., str = 60 > duration = 2h., ..., str = 100 > duration = 1h. (1h is the min.)

Also while you are digging time goes by faster:
I've used the same technique used in "stole of waiting" (I know, I've got to put a link here to this mod).
The speed of time is customizable, only type in the console:
set wwGRTimeScale to x
Where x is the speed: realtime <- 1 to 3200 -> fast
Default game time speed: 30 (TimeScale)
Default dig time speed: 1200.

I've included an animation for the digging process.
I know, it's far from perfect, but it's the best I have been able to do.
If anybody wants to make/give me/us a better animation, please send it to me and I will add it to the mod.
If somebody wants to disable the animation, it's customizable too, you only have to type in the console:
set wwGRDigAnimation to 0
Default: 1.

Disturb the dead
Be careful while digging up graves during the night, because you can disturb the dead!
When you are digging between 19:00 and 05:00 it's possible that some ethereal enemies spawn near you!
You can also customize the timetable of possible spawns, type in the console:
set wwGRSpawnRate to x (where x is the nº of hours after and before 0:00)
Default: 5 (= 19:00 to 05:00).

Crime reporting
I am working with a crime detection spell to check if any NPC sees you while you are digging, but I've still got some issues to solve and it's not activated in this version.
If you want to activate this you could do it from the console , type:
set wwGRCrime to 1
Default: 0 (until I can clean it up)

However when you have dug up a coffin, if you try to steal something from inside it, it will be reported as a normal stealing crime.

The spawned coffin is randomly chosen.
I want to work a bit on this point of the mod, but now it is not too bad.

Download the mod and unzip all the files in your Oblivion data directory: soon.
This mod needs the latest version of OBSE to work.
(I'm sorry I will not work on a Non-OBSE version).

I've installed many mods and tested without any incompatibility arising. However I haven’t played it with OOO, OWC... only with MMM.
Later on I will write a more detailed compatibility list with most popular mods.

I recommend you use it with Harvest Containers. It’s animated coffins work perfectly with my mod.

Video 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhBnjDOClDY

This mod is still a BETA. Please make backups of your Oblivion save–games before installing this mod and don't blame the author if your computer breaks down.
I'm just kidding, but be aware of the risk.

However I need your help to test it to find any possible bugs and of course I would like to hear your opinions.

Known Issues:
- The animation only works right in third person view. It's not a big issue and I'm sure that we could fix it in future versions of OBSE.

Thank you very much,