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Last updated at 10:25, 16 Jun 2011 Uploaded at 22:25, 14 Jan 2007

By request here's some stuff, none of it is fully satisfying but it may suffice as resource.

- For the head I adjusted the Oblivion mesh to the heads I had made for CoM sometime in the beginning to check whether more childlike faces are possible. Because Emma didn't intend to mod for Oblivion I didn't continue it.

- the face textures are work in progess. I didn't include them in my body pack because they don't work satisfying with the existing game heads.

- eye textures are a combination of the game ones with the ones of Ren.

- the hairstyle is a modification of one of Rens MW styles I made for CoM.
Original hair textures are by Ren.

Now an esp is contained that adds the stuff as playable race and a savegame at the end of the sewers.


- Savegame with the female character of the screenshot added
- additional head nif with the nose somewhat modified
- hair egm files created with the new Conformulator version of Scanti