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Added: 10/01/2007 - 02:37AM
Updated: 21/11/2007 - 04:00AM

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Name: Shambling Horde's Offhand Books
Version: 0.73
Date: 1/11/2007
Category: Weapons and Armor
Author: Shamblin Horde

This mod aims to add into the game offhand items that look like books. While they are not readable, they do provide some benefits.

They are added to various loot lists (ones that aren't usually altered), as well as to vendors throughout the mage's guilds. This mod does alter the vendors in the mage's guild (alters them so they sell armor). So some conflicts might arise.

Version .73
Added books that add spells to your spellbook. Both summons (constant effect with magicka drain) and damage spells (damage + weakness)

Upgrading is simple as unzipping over the top of the old version.

Version .61
Very minor bugfix. Attribute book was set to touch on the petty version for some reason. Went through all other books to make sure they were all properly set to self.

New in version .6
Leveled enchantments. You will no longer find generic books at any level. At lvl 1, you will find books that have enchantments equivalent to a petty soulgem enchantment. This might change in further levels, starting at lvl 5 and going to 20, instead of starting at lvl 1 and going to lvl 20.

Vendors now have a higher chance to sell these books.
Vendors will now always have at least 1 generic unenchanted book.


version .5

1. They have buffs (right now there are about 13 different types of books, each with a unique buff set)
2. They go into your shield slot (mages that hate shields can now equip something non-garish)

Further revisions will hope to do the following:
- achieve a sense of balance equivalent to that of vanilla oblivion or better. I do not think that these books will overpower the player. However, if they manage to acquire one of these books at lvl 1, it might prove a source of decent money, good buffs.

Next version will most likely contain:
1. Further tweaking of leveled lists.
2. More buffs.
3. Leveled buffs on books. (lvl 1 player will no longer recieve a generic buff book, but a book appropriate to their level)