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|-a about Nords With Beards
|-b Version History
|-c installation process
|-d bugs/glitches

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|-b contact information
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Section 1



about Nords With Beards

madmole (Joel Huenink) released a set of beard meshes as an SDK, so I repackaged everything into an easy to use mod.

5 different beards styles, some with alternate colors. Comes with an option for them to conform to the face and a stationary option. Also has a bald hairstyle option since the beards and default Oblivion hair don't look right together. You must either start a new game or use the console to change your race. All bearded races are listed with Nord as the first name, followed by hair color, and then hair style.



Version history


versions to come:

Probably the final release.



Installation Process

Extract all files to c:\program files\bethesda softworks\oblivions\data. When
you are asked to overwrite files under meshes and textures, select 'yes to all'.

If you do not like the way the beards move with the face sliders, delete the folder hair in data\meshes\characters and rename the folder hairalt to hair



Bugs and Glitches

Some beards will show gaps if you use the default settings. Using the hairalt folder will allow for you to fill in the gaps if you don't like them.


Section 2




No permission needed to alter these files, just remember to credit me if you use my esp and to credit the authors of the beards, bald hairstyle, and the program called Conformulator.



contact information

Email: draich@gmail.com

official forum name: t_nilc



madmole (Joel Huenink) for creation of the beard meshes and textures.
His website is http://www.4drulers.com

Trigger190 for creation of the bald hairstyle mesh and textures.

Scanti for creation of the Conformulator, which was used to create the EGM files.
His website is www.oblation.eu


section 3



Special thanks

aberneth for creating the readme format I used.