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Added: 14/12/2006 - 03:25PM
Updated: 21/10/2011 - 07:44AM

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Last updated at 7:44, 21 Oct 2011 Uploaded at 15:25, 14 Dec 2006

Ever felt Oblivion's npcs were lacking in...character? Ever wanted to give your adventurer scars, stubble, tattoos - even acne? With Unique Features, you can.

Just how does this Mod work?

The mod works by adding extra aging textures between the default oblivion ones. Simply, you move the 'age' slider in the character generation menu to select the unique face of your choice.

How compatible is this?

It should be compatible with anything, even face texture mods like IFT by Shadytradesman - which im using in the pics shown, and highly reccomend. It will also work fine with the TNR mods, Beautiful People, Cosmetic Compelation, etc.

Will this give npc's diverse features?

This mod will affect npcs - ie. around 30-40% will now have 'unique' features. If you choose to install the tattoo addon, npcs will also be affect by them.


Version History
1.5b Final - corrected 2 'shiny face' issues
Changed 1 Dunmer feature

1.5 Final - Revamped the tattoo option, added new designs
Polished the realistic features, added new designs
Simplified install format into core files and optional files

1.4 - Revamped all the Orc features, added a few new designs
Added an optional Orc retexture

1.3 - Added Khajiit features
Added and changed some male Dunmer features
Corrected Dremora face normalmap

1.2 - Added unique Dunmer features
Added 2 new designs for the orcs, changed another
Added proper Dremora aging textures
Added realistic features, and the combined option

1.1 - Added 10 designs for the orcs
Changed 1 of the default designs
Added a dremora retex with 6 unique features

1.0 - first release. Contains 14 designs for every default race
except dunmer, orcs and beast races.