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Welcome to Cosmetic Compilation v1.22. This mod is a compilation of all the most requested cosmetic mods that do things like add hair or eyes to the races.

At the time of writing, this is the third release. The mod currently includes Capucine's Character Expansion v1.2, Jeepers Creepers Peepers v2.0, Ren's Beauty Pack v1.1, and shadytradesman's eyebrow fix for Imperials and Redguards. I plan on adding more mods in the future, so please, request what you would like to see in the mod. No, I'm not adding any nudity mods, sorry.

In the future, you may also look forward to facial textures included in the mod from mods like Natural Faces and Improved Facial Textures, but as they are compatible already I didn't feel it necessary. Atleast not yet.

Current Contents

Capucine's Character Expansion v1.2: Adds lots of new eyes to all the races, including glowing variations. New hairstyles become available for all the races, including a few unused hair meshes and colorable beast hair. All vampires changed to have glowing eyes. Dremora becomes a playable race.

Screenshots and more details

Jeepers Creepers Peepers v2.0: Adds over 175 new eyes to choose from. Each race has its own eye styles still in tact. Various styles range from Movie FX eyes to Anime, game or music artist eyes. (example, sharingan, manson, Lestat, lost boys, Blade 2, etc.)

Screenshots and more details

Ren's Beauty Pack v1.1: Adds a custom race 'Mystic Elf' race which has 4 versions; normal male / normal female / tattooed male / tattooed female; 19 female hairstyles & 9 male hairstyles for all races. Each hairstyle has 3(4) versions; normal / blindfold(bandage) / mask.

Screenshots and more details

Shadytrademan's Eyebrow Fix: Tweaks FaceGen values on Imperials and Redguards. Imperial eyebrows become lighter, and Redguard eyebrows become properly aligned.


The process is quite simple. First, decide whether or not you want changes to the vampire NPC's. These cause vampire eyes to glow, but at the cost of conflicts with popular creature mods. Then, decide whether or not you want Jeepers Creepers Peepers. Why? Because sometimes NPC's without default eye color assigned use these new eyes, and it can look rather weird. Once you decide, select the appropiate ESP, along with the textures and meshes directories, and extract them into your Oblivion\Data directory. Enable the ESP through the 'Data Files' option in the Oblivon Launcher by putting a check mark next to it and clicking Ok.

If you need further instruction, please visit the following link.


Q: Why won't you include nudity mods?
A: First of all, Adult Mods are not even allowed to be posted in the official Oblivion Mods forum, and I don't frequent any of the adult mod forums. Second, I would NEVER do this for a compilation mod. Even if I did like the prospects of a nudity mod, what if the mod authors of the other included mods didn't? It's a delicate issue that I do not want to get involved in, regardless of my stance on this issue, which I shall keep to myself.

Q: Is a Custom Race Fix necessary?
A: No. Mystic Elves and Dremora have been covered for in this modification already. UPDATE: The in-built Custom Race Fix will now cover for ANY race, not just the ones included inside this mod.

Q: What if I want to use a race that isn't in this mod?
A: Now this is where you must use a custom race fix, unfortunately. Just make sure the custom race fix loads after this mod so the charactergen data overlaps. To do this easily, you must use a tool such as Oblivion Mod Manager or Wrye Bash.

Q: How do I use this without making a new character?
A: Open the console with the tilde key (~) and type "showracemenu". Choose your new race and hair, !!BUT!! do not close the window after you are done. Open back up the console (if it's not still open already), hit escape, and save, then load the save you just made.

Q: Will you include Such-and-Such?
A: Most likely, but I need to know about it first, so tell me.

Q: Why did my stuff reset after I upgraded Cosmetic Compilation or migrated from another mod?
A: Yeah.. that's my bad on that. It had to do with the different file names for the ESP, I had version numbers in there and such. From now on, however, I will not be changing the filenames with each release to minimize this problem. Simply do the showracemenu trick described above and get your stuff back.

Q: Why did my game crash when trying to do showracemenu?
A: In some cases, Oblivion will crash when showing the race menu when an appearance altering mod is not loaded but the player has some of those changes. There are two ways to remedy this. The first is to re-save the game without the mod loaded. Then reload the new game save. This should clear any of the mod's effects and cause defaults to be used by the game engine. The other solution is to basically just go through and manually reset the appearance to use stock features and not mod-provided ones. This second method requires the older version still be active so that you can get into the race menu without crashing. (Thanks VampireValik)

Q: Help! The hair is clipping! Why is it clipping!?
A: Calm down. It's not anything the mod does, that's just how some of the hairstyles are. Ren and Capucine are not perfect. Many of Ren's hair clips because they were completely intended for Mystic Elves, and Capucine's hair meshes aren't as aligned as they should be. Simply go with what looks good.

Q: Why do the NPC's have the new eyes? Some of them look really weird.
A: You can blame Bethesda for that, they neglected to assign any default eye color for a LOT of the NPC's and it picks one randomly. It's because of this that I've had to include a version of the mod without Jeepers Creepers Peepers.

Version History

1.1 Changes -
Added Jeepers Creepers Peepers v2.0 to the mod.
Rebalanced Mystic Elves attributes and skills to be in line with the other races. Additionally, updated the descriptions to have flavor text like the others.
New Stats: Male - STR 45; AGI 40; END 40; INT 40; WIL 40; PER 35; SPD 40; LUK 40. Female - STR 40; AGI 40; END 35; INT 45; WIL 45; PER 35; SPD 40; LUK 40.
New Skill Bonuses: Blade 5; Destruction 5; Sneak 5; Marksman 10; Mysticism 15.
Fixed all of Ren's mesh pathes.
Added hair from other mods to the Mystic Elves. Unfortunately, their eyes seem to work differently and I was not able to add any others.
Made sure all the new hair from Ren's mod was added to every race.

1.11 Changes -
Instituted Ren's tweaks to the stats and skill bonuses of the Mystic Elves as well as the lip mesh fix.

1.2 Changes -
Capucine's Character Expansion's race default-eye replacers now take priority over Jeepers Creepers Peepers (they look nicer).
Custom race fix expanded for any race outside of Cosmetic Compilation as well as all the races within.
Removed version numbers from both ESP's. See FAQ for why (the one about reseting).
Mystic Elves expanded from four to eight races so that you may use standard eyes for them.

1.21 Changes -
Fixed Jeepers Creepers Peepers. Previously, they glowed. (And it didn't look very good, either.)

1.22 Changes -
Included versions of the mod without Jeepers Creepers Peepers. People complained NPCs without an eye color assigned sometimes had these new eyes. I'm investigating this issue.

Contact Information
Internet Alias: Daeger
Email: daeger@gmail.com
AIM: Lord Cataclysmic