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Last updated at 22:22, 1 Oct 2006 Uploaded at 3:55, 28 Sep 2006

This mod does not enable the player to write in books or scrolls, at the moment. If there is anyone willing to work on a custom writing script addition to this mod, please contact me asap. You can reach me with the information I have provided below. Sorry for any inconvenience :)

-Elderscrolls.com Topic-

This MOD was intended with the roleplayer in mind. It contains many (now) sellable items to the game, including:
-ink bottles
-blank books and scrolls in several sizes and qualities
-wooden stamps
-custom stamps
-two kinds of crystal balls
-paintbrush Jars
-several kinds of paintbrushes
-and paint palettes to the game
(with new reference IDs to avoid compatability errors).

The Items can be found at "Scribe Supplies", a new store catering to the rollplayer in mind. All booksellers in cyrodill now have some or all of these items in stock to sell to you as well.

There are two .esps in the zip file. one is the original version, and the other is the "intensive" version.
The intense version features hundreds of painstakingly placed items to several NPC homes and businesses (not for sale), merchants in every city, and all Mages Guild Halls, incuding the Arcane University.

Most of the items are new sellable misc. items, but other items include such atmosphere-enhancing novalties as species-specific skulls, and the unique Arcane University Seal.

-Both versions have altered NPC merchant containers and AI in every city, to accomidate new sellable misc. items.

To install, just unpack this mod into your oblivion, data folder.

Just check the one you like, and leave the other alone. DO NOT CHECK BOTH .ESPs! (as with many mods, this may cause problems)

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.
my elderscrolls forum login name is Watchesfromshadows.

My email address is vtwinmini@gmail.com

If you wish to use my mod or objects from my mod, do so, just please give credit where it is do.

-PS I am willing to co-operate with modders working on writing scripts. I would love to be able to write on all the blank books I placed in the world!