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Video demo: http://media.putfile.com/oblivion-binoculars

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Binoculars 1.1
by Mundane

Disclaimer and credits:

This is my first attempt at modding. I just wrote 1 script .

You will need the OBLIVION SCRIPT EXTENDER (OBSE) installed and running to use this mod. I use the version v0008
Download page: http://obse.silverlock.org/

I literraly stole the model and textures made by KafeiDotour and included in the excellent Dwemer Spectacles v3 mod.
Take a look at it, it adds glasses, eye patches and many more nice eye wears.
Download Page: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=5198


Version history:

-Right mouse button to activate the zooming
-Zoom can be controlled with mouse wheel.
-Added "tic" sounds



-Adds a pair of functional binoculars to the game.

-There are no quests but I placed the binoculars in the house of it's owner, you will need to steal them!
(The item will not appear as stolen in inventory).

-A clue can be found at the copius coin purse, in the market district of the imperial city.

-You probably already know the owner if you played the game for a while. If not, you WILL meet him.



-When equipped, press the right mouse button(RMB) to activate the zooming. (The default action of the RMB is deactivated)

-Zooming in and out: With RMB pressed, use the mouse wheel.

-Display zooming factor: With RMB pressed, press MMB.



Extract to your Oblivion/Data folder and check the esp. file. If prompted, allow files to overwrite.

You need to use the OBLIVION SCRIPT EXTENDER (OBSE) for this to work (see http://obse.silverlock.org/).


Nothing so far, should not interfere with other mods since its only 1 short script.