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Added: 07/06/2006 - 07:54PM
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No Daedric Quest Level Locks mod version 1.0 for TES4: Oblivion
by jmhman

So I was playing Oblivion, and when I found that I had to be a certain level to do a Daedric quest, I said to myself, "WTH? What is this, Everquest?"

Level requirements in an Elder Scrolls game seems to me to be about as appropriate as training wheels on a Harley. At the very least, it's antithetical to the whole open-ended, unlimited game experience I loved so much in Morrowind.

So I made this mod, which removes level requirements for activating the Daedric Shrines and performing the quests (specifically by setting level requirements in the scripts on the Daedric Shrine activators to ">= 0").

Any other requirements for activating the shrine (ingredient offering, time of day, etc) remain unchanged, as do the quests themselves, so no complaining if you get your arse handed to you in the Tourney Of Ten Bloods because you thought it would be sweet to cruise around with Goldbrand at level pissant.

This is my first mod, so if I screwed up, sorry. However, I have tested this mod myself, and found no bugs, problems, or other issues.

This mod should not conflict with any other mod, provided none of the others you're running alters the scripts on the Daedric Shrine activators.