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Nibira "Luna"

A Moon, Blood and beauty. A Moon with Katana.

A simple but unusual companion for oblivion. Focused on high difficulty levels. You can find her at the lighthouse Anvil near the lights. 

If You like or appreciate classical mysticism and vampiric themes, meet. Her name is Nibira.
 The girl is a true lady of the Night. Who is she? Where? Unknown. The girl mystic. The banality of her not to face. She's a vampire, that's for sure. Where, not so important, but she's not talking about it, apparently her mystery, she is not of this world for sure. She then just walks nights in the moonlight. Beautiful and deadly. Companion in vampiric classic style. Immortal classic. Try to make friends with the Moon.

Age: Older than all of us.
Race: Demoness
Class: Knight
Combat style: Power attack, melee for melee weapons and ranged magic attack. Dark Executioner at its core.
At Really: First curses, then destroys, slowly, enjoying the process
Immortal, of course
In her inventory you will find a small stock of blood she will gladly share with You.
Armor: 2 dress DMRA BBB black color: 
Light(+16) and Heavy(+40).
Weapons: Her own swords "katana-Luna" and "Eclipse"
The maximum level of development =200

What are her stats - ask her by yourself in the SM menu.
Developed blades (30),maces (35)
Restoration is 100,
Destruction 100,
Light and Heavy armor at 20.
Power - 55
Intelligence - 100
Willpower - 100
Movement speed: 35
Oblivion Gold Edition
CM Partners (esm, esp)
Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeleton

Installation and removal: Standard. 
Through OBMM or MO preferred
Or install the Data folder to the to your Game folder

In the folder "Optional" you will find the variants of the eyes of Nibira. 
As standard it comes with vampiric-fire eyes. 
In the folder of the same: with eyes of Darkness, Dremora eyes. 
To choose just one of them.

From myself:
My first mod for oblivion, which I publish. Did mods for myself earlier. Nibira was prepared without reference to CM with her own quest. but went wrong with the scripts, had to tie. This, I believe, not bad.. And yet she so nice in anyway!
Dark Night.

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