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Added: 01/06/2017 - 07:50PM
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Last updated at 23:19, 22 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 19:50, 1 Jun 2017

There have been some great terrain replacers but I never found one to match the tonality of my flora mods. I decided to produce my own and here it is, a texture replacer that covers most of the terrainĀ  with a reasonable amount of bump mapping which gives a great contour relief effect especially from a distance. The textures have no alpha layer, this should reduce loading time and eliminates the flashing blood splatter problem.
The tones are mostly earthy and to quite a degree, sit alongside each other well. Most are from my own photos.
There are 2 sizes to choose from, 1 and 2 k.
I have made most of the road textures to be of make do and mend approach...I could never understand how an empire that lets its forts lapse into ruin, could still have beautifully tiled stone pathways. it does not make sense, So most of the roads are of the type you would see in a third world country.

I have uploaded some other files which look good with the terrain mod.

A version of my flora mods, mostly the natural grasses mod with a few new ideas.
I have included some textures to use with Elbethians spring flower mod. If you want to see the ox eye daisys, buttercups and another flower then visit bettys page and download the poppies update 2.


Just use and tick the esp, you do not need the bsa.

an alternative texture replacer for the blue bells is available in case you do not like them....

Also a version of my organic bark mod is also uploaded with some replacements concerning the pines and oaks.

Rocks. My take on the rocks are of an organic looking texture which sits really well with the terrain.

Lastly, a ferns replacer which changes all the ferns to green plants. This is a matter of choice and may not be to everyones taste but can be considered as a resource.


Back up all relevant file before any installation is carried out!

unzip the files to a place of your choosing and drag the data files into your oblivion root folder. You did back up first didn't you...

dedicated to my new granddaughter Freya.