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Last updated at 11:25, 30 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 21:05, 20 Mar 2017

This is a re - upload of my mod after several requests. I have slightly modified the original mod and corrected a couple of mis directed meshes.

Blackwood Brook

Meltwater from the Eastern peaks flows underground and feeds the brook via a cave. The freshwater finds its way to the blackwood lagoon via waterfalls and white water channels. It ensures that the water in the lagoon is of high quality. There is a geographical anomaly that consumes vast quantities of the water.
Please do not poke the bears, they are friendly and are only trying to catch salmon....which have not yet appeared....

There is a dormant Caldera and a live volcano sitting on the archipelago which encircles the lagoon which also consists of several small sandy islands.

To start the simple quest, look for a book in the IC bookshop owned by the surly character....
There are no pop up banners, the quest is completed by following the clues and a bit of exploring. It will take you from the Imperial City to the Brook and out into unexplored South Topal sea.

The brook sits between Blackwood Forest and Blackmarsh, there is a patch available if you use the mod UL Blackwood.

to install..

extract the archive to a place of your choice and drag the data folder into your oblivion root folder.

do not change the file structure or the textures will not be seen!

install the lod files, and run the distant land generator. I use teslodgen.

Load order..

TWMP Blackmarsh (if you have it installed)
Blackwood Brook
UL Blackwood Forest (if you have it installed)
Blackwood Forest - Blackwood Brook patch

I hope you enjoy this mod, it has been re uploaded on request and slightly modified after a long break for personal reasons.


Please use the bug section for defect reporting, do not use the comment section. I will remove any bug reports from same, although the mod should run smoothly.