Realistic Rugs Blankets and Tapestries by viceroy1
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Added: 20/03/2017 - 10:53AM
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A texture modification for the vanilla rugs and tapestries,
and bed blankets (middle class ones).

Have a look in ImperialCity Market shops, all of them, and inn,  check all rooms, upstairs also,
to make yourself an idea about SOME of the new rugs and tapestries.
And simply play the game, you will discover them gradually :P

If you want to use some for your houses,  use the ImperialFurniture Renovated mod,
where you can buy FEW of them, randomly mixed.
If you use Imperial Furniture, extract this archive AFTER ImperialFurniture and overwrite as asked.
If you want to use them all, use Construction Set.

Extract to Oblivion/ game folder and replace if/when asked.