The Legend Of Tamriel by Bella and Anderson
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Name: The Legend Of Tamriel
Author of the mod: Bella & Anderson
Author of the idea for mod : AlsiaMessar
Author of translation into English:
Text- Bella & Anderson
Dialogues, postscoring, processing and cutting: Werr
Version: 1.0a
Date: 27.07.2016
language: Russian, English.
Category: Quests.
Requirements: Oblivion

With this mod, you get a well-deserved reward and a rise to good reputation. And honorary title the Legend Of Tamriel! For passing of the main thing and all side quests in  Cyrodiil. Also when performing side quests, markers where another quest will begin will be shown. It is made for convenience of search and performance of all quests. All quests except quests of "Vampire Cure" and "The Rosethorn Cache" are specified. Quest "The Legend Of Tamriel", will begin right after you finish quest of "The Battle for Castle Kvatch".

1. Choose any version of the two folders. (English or Russian)
2. Add to Folder Oblivion\Data
3. Start any manager mod for Oblivion.  Choose the "Data Files" in the list that appears, check the box beside the file LegendaTamriel.esp

Delete LegendaTamriel.bsa and LegendaTamriel.esp from the Oblivion\Data.


Mystical Castle II

strotis buyable city statues by stroti


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