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Name: Druid's Grove
Author of the mod: Bella & Anderson
Author of the idea to create the alternative version mod: AlisiaMessar
Author of translation into English: Camellia
Version: 1.2a
Date: 17.02.2016
Language: Russian, English.
Category: Player homes, Quests, Locations - New, Companions.
Requirements: Oblivion, DLC The Shivering Isles, OBSE.

Have released the new version mod. The request of all who plays the English version to establish the new version mod. All problems are fixed. We apologize, for the caused inconveniences. Next time we will be more attentive to the English versions of mods.

Paradise the place where Druids live in accordance with the nature. You will live in a mushroom tree, control the weather and move between Mages Guilds. Also new abilities, a new class, unusual potions and enchanted items will be available for you. In the Druid's Grove an unusual companion - Wood Elf Elisina and unicorn Lord wait you. You should pass the quest to find Druid's Grove.

It is a new, improved version of a mod "Grove of the Druids". A full replacement of locations, quests were changed. During passing of quests, you will need patience and attentiveness, not fighting skills.

That Elsiniya left together with you the Oblivion gate, without glitches, it is necessary to execute one rule: If Elisina in fight has also reincarnated in a panther, then before closing a gate, wait when she reincarnates back.
Later you can close a gate.

By means of a scroll "Druids' Guild" any your companions will be admitted to guild. It is necessary in order that didn't attack them in the Druid's Grove. And will be possible to settle them to the Guest house.

You don't pass in parallel two quests "In search of druids" and "Pilgrimage" from DLC Knights of the Nine, differently will be a glitch with Wayshrines of Kynareth.

In Compatible to HGEC archive - models of female robes which adds mod, compatible to HGEC.

Changes in v 1.2a
The quest stage "In search of druids" is corrected. (English and Russian versions)
The translation in passing of quest of "A legend about Druids' heritage" is corrected. (English version)

1. Choose any version of the two folders. (English or Russian)
2. Add to Folder Oblivion\Data
3. Start any manager mod for Oblivion.  Choose the "Data Files" in the list that appears, check the box beside the file Druid'sGrove.1.2.esp

Delete Druid'sGrove.1.2.bsa and Druid'sGrove.1.2.esp from the Oblivion\Data.

Grove of the Druids

Bloodmoon Spriggan Resource by Ancestral Ghost
Ancient Elven Furniture for modders by css0101
EVE HGEC Eyecandy Variants Expansion by EVE TEAM see Credits Section
Meos Open Books - Resource by Meo
Valenwood Village Modders Resource by Seigfried and Various Modders
strotis Mushroom House Resource by stroti
strotis Hobbit Home Resource by stroti
Strotis new ic wallshelf by stroti
Strotis new lights burning hand by stroti
Strotis static microscope resource by stroti
Strotis new globe resource by stroti
Strotis filled Mage desk alchemy furniture by stroti
Strotis static skeleton chest resource by stroti
Strotis skull rock by stroti
Strotis new furniture by stroti

Prohibited: Changing this plugin at its discretion and Using the scripting part of this mod.
Allowed: Publication of this plug-in on other sites without asking for our permission, also you can use in your plugins models and textures from this mod and from credited resourses, but don't forget to point the authors of models in your plugins and don't use the models for commercial purposes.

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