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Added: 31/05/2006 - 11:43PM
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Last updated at 1:37, 26 Jul 2009 Uploaded at 23:43, 31 May 2006

MOD NAME : Art of War weapon pack 1
Version : 1.0
Author : RDjeke

Mod adds several new weapons to the game:

- Iron bearded one-hand and two-hand axes
- Steel bearded one-hand and two-hand axes
- an elven scimitar
- a steel one-handed warhammer
- a kukri
- a mithril waraxe
- a two-bladed battleaxe
- a templar longsword
- a claymore based on Lord Dhaimos' sword from Mace: the dark age

All weapons are made by request from the people at the official TES forums. Models vary wildly from realistic to outlandish, low quality to high. Use what you like, ignore the rest.

This is primarily a modder resource - I have no intentions adding these to enemies or leveled lists, since people requested some of them for exactly that purpose. And to avoid conflicts with every mod out there and their mothers :) Stats are set more or less arbitrarily - slightly lighter, or faster, or more durable from what I imagined as their ingame counterparts. Feel free to change them, that's what they are for!


1.) Extract the archive in your 'Oblivion/Data' folder, or...

-copy the rdweaponpack1.esp into the 'Data' folder in your oblivion installation directory
-copy the 'meshes' and 'textures' folders into the 'Data' folder, saying yes if asked to replace.

2.) In the Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files...

3.) Double click rdweaponpack1.esp (so an X appears to its left) to enable the plugin.


-delete the rdweaponpack1.esp from your DATA folder.
-delete the folder 'RD', and all its contents from the 'meshes' folder under your 'Data' folder
-delete the folder 'RD', and all its contents from the 'textures' folder under your 'Data' folder
-delete the folder 'RD', and all its contents from the 'textures/menus/icons' folder under your 'Data' folder

Warning : if you have my Two-handed Maces mod installed, this WILL mess it up. In that case, delete only files included in this archive.


You can buy all the weapons at the Slash'n'Smash store in the Imperial City Market district.

Alternatively, if you don't want to pay for them open the console by pressing the ` key and type:

coc toddtest

It'll transfer you to a test cell house where you'll find all the weapons lying on the floor. To get back to Slash'n'smash in Imperial City, type

coc ICMarketDistrictSlashNSmash


There shouldn't be any issues. The items are stored in a brand new shopkeeper-owned chest, all the item, mesh, texture, etc names are original, and nothing else was touched. If you do have any problems, let me know at: rdjeke(at)hotmail.com

Feel free to change, mutilate, retexture, repackage and feed to your cat any part of this mod. Warning: cats are prone to choking on CD's, floppies or flash drives. If you want to include it in a mod of your own, I'd appreciate being told about it :)