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Added: 13/06/2015 - 07:26PM
Updated: 02/02/2017 - 03:49PM

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Last updated at 15:49, 2 Feb 2017 Uploaded at 19:26, 13 Jun 2015

Since Arkngt no longer plays Oblivion and wanted someone to take over maintenance of OOO, I volunteered. This is the "final and I really mean it this time" version. The description here wil be short and sweet, because OOO now has a wiki:


(Thanks to Xae and Dark Creations.org for hosting this wiki - you rock.) And yes, I know the Places section is missing - I'll get around to adding it soon.

Kobal has made a few new add-ons: 
* Creature Add-ons - new creatures for those of you who don't want to use FCOM.
* Equipment Add-On for OOO - hundreds of pieces of new/modified armor and weapons.
* OOO Shivering Isles - brings OOO to the Isles!


v1.40 (courtesy of LethargicOwl)
Note: Since I had a v1.36.1, I change that to 1.37 and bumped everything else up one, so this is technically 1.39.

* All Imperial Dragon Armor pieces now have Grand enchantments (the greaves/gauntlets/helmets had Common).
* Jaguars now have 200 Fatigue instead of 12.
* Flame Ring no longer has Weakness to Fire 50%.
* Fixed the mesh/icon for hellhound skin.
* Fixed some errors in the script that prevents males from wearing Amazon armor.
* Various spelling/typo fixes.

Team Alpha
dev_akm - Project Leader
Corepc - Help with everything
Showler and Shikishima - Improved scripts, bug fixes, beta testing, forum support.
Shadowborn - Improved scripts, bug fixes, Dragonborn quest, LoD fix, beta testing and a whole lot more.
daemondarque - Beta tester, armour mesh improvements, forum support.
Sen-Chan – Massive assistance and support with armor meshes
Arkngt - Extensive beta testing, enormous support with the forum threads.
....and many others that have been involved over the years.
And of course a huge thanks to Sotobrastos (Oscuro) for his wonderful creation


Manual Install
1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data folder.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp file(s).

OBMM Install
Installing the Mod
1. Extract the archive to any other folder.
2. Copy the extracted archive to [Install Path]\Oblivion\OBMM\Mods\
3. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
4. Click the Create button
5. Click the Add Archive button, navigate to the archive and select it, then click the Yes button.
6. Click the Create OMOD button, wait until it finishes, then click the Ok button
Activating the Mod
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen, once installed the mod icon will turn blue

BAIN Install
1. Copy the entire archive into your Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers folder.
2. In Wrye Bash Installers tab, highlight the new archive.
3. Check any sub-folders, ESP/ESM's as required.
4. Right click the archive name and Install.
5. In Wrye Bash Mods tab, check the ESP/ESM's and rebuild Bashed patch. (Also recommended to run BOSS first).

* A note on Level Rates Modified: Skill level rates are c. 3x slower in OOO than in the original game on default, but users might want to consider using Fundament instead: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41005/

Updating your save to 1.35+: It's advised to wait out your game respawn (default 3 game days) away from all creatures and NPCs. One way is to use the console "coc testinghall" then return using "coc Weye".

Manual Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

OBMM Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
2. Double click the mod to deactivate it, once finished the icon will turn green

BAIN Uninstall
1. In Wrye Bash Mods tab, deselect the ESP/ESMs associated with this mod.
2. In Wrye Bash Installers tab, right click on the archive name and Uninstall.
3. Rebuild Bashed patch.

Tools Used:
Insanity's ReadMe Generator
Elderscrolls Construction Set

No redistribution, re-use or copying any part of this mod without prior written consent.