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Last updated at 15:43, 28 Jan 2016 Uploaded at 0:17, 26 Oct 2014

This plugin is no longer supported
It has been included here: Oblivion Reloaded

The OBSE plugin.

Improved Water changes the entire water shader engine. It is very fast (4 times more then OBGE) and supports also the MSAA ingame antialiasing. It was born from the idea to have a decent water, keeping the compatibility with other mods/plugin/injector and MSAA, and to be fast as the vanilla one.
Improved Water removes the HDR + MSAA limitation. You can activate the HDR by the option menu, then exit and open your Oblivion.ini. Set iMultiSample to 2, 4 or 8 as you prefer. IW will force the HDR and AA on the device.
NOTE: if you open the option menu again Oblivion will reset the iMultiSample value, so you need to go to the ini and change it again.

A readme file with settings explanation is provided.

- Reflections and refractions
- Water surface modeling
- High quality maps
- Underwater depth effect
- Weather transitions
- Water caustics
- Unique location support
- Ripples, better rain effect
- Real time changes
- Sun power based on weather
- Depth effect
- Displacements
- HDR refractions
- MSAA supported
- No depth buffer hook (compatibility with injectors, power performance)
- Lava support as location
- Blood support as location
- Built in shader replacement (no delay in activation, power performance)
- No water circle bug effect with grid over 5
- Underwater sun rays based on sun glare
- Underwater distortion effect

EXTRA FEATURES (Post process effects) - BETA
- Dynamic Ambient Occlusion based on location (exteriors and interiors); AO automatically disabled when underwater.
- Dynamic Coloring based on location (unique location).
- Dynamic Depth of Field based on view type (vanity cam, first person view, third person view).
- Godrays based on weather type.

IW requires the HDR to make the underwater effect working properly.
You can activate both HDR and AA with the instructions in the description. If you want, you can use an injector like SMAA instead of MSAA (or both).
IW provides the GetLocationName console command to know where you are to create you own unique location settings.

IW provides the shaders compilation at runtime. If you are a good shader developer, you can change your shaders to create new water effects.
HLSL files are shaders to replace the original Oblivion's water shaders. Water.fx file is a post-process effect to do the underwater fog, light, caustics and depth effect. It runs ONLY when you are underwater. Post process effects are in the relative fx file.
You can find specifications in the readme file.

No performance hit with only the water shader replacement.
Performance differences applying post-process effects on middle-low end machines.

- HDR + MSAA ingame antialiasing (2x, 4x, 8x).
- External anysotropic filtering (ex. forced by video card panel).

- OBGE and every mod that requires OBGE. YOU NEED TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THE OBGE IF YOU HAVE IT. OBGE doesn't work with Improved Water.
- (very) Old graphic cards.
- ENB injector (underwater effect fails). Don't use IW post process effects with ENB. Use IW post process effects OR ENB.
- Any other mod that changes the water.

The Oscar goes to Timeslip, Scanti, ShadeMe and Ethatron for the OBGE and Tomerk for the Liquid Water effect.
I wrote the Improved Water plugin taking a lot of ideas and methods from the OBGE source code.
I would not be able to create the Improved Water plugin without the OBGE core and Liquid Water shaders. THANK YOU!

v 1.3
- added post process effects BETA version
- added post process effect Ambient Occlusion
- added post process effect Coloring
- added post process effect Depth of Field
- added post process effect Godrays
- fixed flashing light bug in some locations
- tuned up water color balance
- tuned up wave speed effect

v 1.2
- added not-MSAA compatibility
- fixed some problems in interiors
- fixed the height of underwater rendering

v 1.1
- fixed reflections for static, trees and actors
- added distorsion effect when underwater
- added light rays effect when underwater
- added compatibility with my Memory Purger - Extended mod (download the correct version from Nexus)
- changed color transition during sunrise/sunset when underwater
- added console command to get the location's name for creating own unique location settings (GetLocationName)
- tuned water colors and transitions

v 1.0
- Initial release