The Halo Mod with pushable containers by Walkerman
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Added: 06/08/2014 - 06:51AM
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Last updated at 1:13, 29 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 6:51, 6 Aug 2014

In this Mod you will have
-Blue and Green Mk V armor courtesy of Brandon98
-An Assault Rifle
-A Battle Rifle
-A Gravity Hammer
-An Energy Sword courtesy of Brandon98
-Multiple Pointless Forerunner Boxes
-A Movable Container that contains all of the above
The Movable Containers will be at the West Gate of Cheydinhal and by Castle Cheydinhal or by the pelican on the Anvil Coast
 Equipment will be at the UNSC base by Fort Sejanus (look at pic), in or on various containers in the Imperial City Marketplace, or at the Anvil Pelican.
Files have the directory of Project Files (x86) so for those who don't have oblivion there will have to tinker around with it
Update 8/6
Apparently I forgot the .esp file sorry about that
besides the .esp file there is now a pelican in anvil can't ride it that is for physics and graphics but I will add that soon
Update 8/23
I added a lot in this update now you have along with the above:
-A Banhammer (don't use on quest characters or characters with loot you want)
-A Spartan Laser
-plasma rifle
-A laser to bring people to life
-sniper rifle
-rocket launcher
-the magnum
-Firefight (go in the Pelican) by the base
Halo 3 armor that includes the following:
-Recon Helmet in Red, Blue, and Bungie Flaming
-ODST Helmet in red and blue
-Mk VI armor helmet in chief, red, and blue
-Mk V helmet in Red and Blue
-EVA armor and helmet in Red and Blue
Brandon98 armor is no longer being used