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  Patches For Snowy Road to Bruma
A set of patch files made to repair conflicts when using Snowy Road to Bruma
alongside several other popular mods which use the same game cells. Snowy
Road to Bruma uses a custom snow texture with footprints to give the illusion
of people walking on the roads and trails in Northern Cyrodiil. In some cases the
mod conflicts overwrite most of these textures. Other issues include rips at cell
borders, homes and other objects being buried under terrain, path grids being
overwritten, etc.

These patches address all of the problems mentioned above.  


This started as a request to patch the conflict between Snowy Road to Bruma and
UL Snowdale. As is often the case, I noticed several other potential mod conflicts
while working on that patch. There are now ten patches included for Better
Cities, DLC Frostcrag Spire, Frostcrag Village, Feldscar Village, MTC Expanded
Villages (Rimehold), Open Cities Reborn, Order of The Dragon, Unique Landscapes
Snowdale, Unique Landscapes-Jerall Glacier, and some combinations of these.

There are still a few more patches planned and/or in the works. As of right now the
major holdup is with finishing up Hesu mods and patches which edit the Jerall Mtns.
I have one more plugin to do on that end, after which I can begin mopping up the
related Snowy Road patch combos. Some input as to what combos to build would be
appreciated. Barring suggestions, I will only be making a small handful of remaining
patches and then this series is finished.


Area covered varies from one patch to the next. Specific details are listed in the read-me
files included with each individual download. Cells touched can range from Bruma outskirts
north to Cloud Ruler Temple. Then east from Bruma to Frostcrag area and continuing all the
way to Temple of the Ancestor Moths. With UL Jerall Glacier patches this extends further east
to Dive Rock.  

Potential Requirements

Snowy Road to Bruma
Better Cities
DLC Frostcrag Spire
Frostcrag Village
MTC Expanded Villages
Open Cities Reborn
Unique Landscapes-Snowdale

Unique Landscapes-Jerall Glacier


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your

2. Set Load order.

3. Play and enjoy!

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file as well. 


Most likely will conflict with any other mods situated along the Northern roads and trails.
These patches only ensure compatibility with the mods listed here. 

Check out the rest of my patch files, and many from other community members at
The One Stop Patch Shop.

More Snowy Road Related Patches

A few more patch files have been created which repair conflicts between the HESU landscape
mods series ( Skyrim Temple, Gnoll Mountain, Smoke Town) and Snowy Road to Bruma. These
have been packaged along with other HESU mod patches and can be found here


Bethesda                     - for Oblivion and the CS
Tes4Edit                     - for cleaning the inevitable dirt from my mods
LHammonds                - for the read-me generator this file was based on
Drahenne                    - for Snowy Road to Bruma
Arthmoor                    - for Feldscar, Frostcrag Village, and Open Cities Reborn
Nernie                        - for MTC Expanded Villages 
Ismelda and Vorians    - for Better Cities
Verganon                    - for Unique Landscapes-Snowdale
GrandDukeAdense        - for Unique Landscapes-Jerall Glacier
Me                              - for making these patches

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these file to any other sites without my express consent.