Warriors Mithril Armor by xXxAlfaOmegaXxX
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Updated: 29/10/2014 - 01:12PM

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UPDATE FIX - 10/15/14
I so apologize. I forgot to add the warriors sword in the one of the chests.
Its part of this mod but I never added the meshes and textures so it didnt show up.
Its there now. Also adjusted the stats on the Bow, shield and arrows.
Better Def, stronger bow and arrows. Read the read me file to install this update.

Warrior's Mithril Armor by xXxAlfaOmegaXxX
DESCRIPTION: (Please note, I think it looks better when you actually have it on.) :)
Warrior's Mithril Armor set for Male and Female. (w/ bow and arrows)
It does replaces the vanilla version to the bluish/aqua accented version.
I tried to make a Non-replacer and failed. Some like it as a replacer though.
Be considerate and just simply leave if you dislike it ia all I ask. Thanks.
ARMOR STATS: Mithril is supposed to be one of the
strongest metals so I re-did the stats making it quite powerful.
( Slightly stronger than Daedric by only a few points)
You can find the chest in the very back of Dark Fathom Cave near Leyawiin. See Screenshots.
INSTALL: I included meshes and textures, if your good with Gimp, you can choose your own color.
1: copy meshes/textures folder and esp to data, allow to overwrite.
use a form of archive invalidation, check warriors esp in MM or NMM.
2. LEGAL: Free to use just be sure to credit me.
3. CREDIT: Special thanks to Zella for his support on this.
Bethesda, NMM, OMM, Gimp and Tes Set and most important Gizmodian.