Warriors Mithril Armor by xXxAlfaOmegaXxX
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Warrior's Mithril Armor by xXxAlfaOmegaXxX
DESCRIPTION: (Please note, I think it looks better when you actually have it on.) :)
Warrior's Mithril Armor set for Male and Female. (w/ bow and arrows)
It does replaces the vanilla version to the bluish/aqua accented version.
I tried to make a Non-replacer and failed. Some like it as a replacer though.
Be considerate and just simply leave if you dislike it ia all I ask. Thanks.
ARMOR STATS: Mithril is supposed to be one of the
strongest metals so I re-did the stats making it quite powerful.
( Slightly stronger than Daedric by only a few points)
You can find the chest in the very back of Dark Fathom Cave near Leyawiin. See Screenshots.
INSTALL: I included meshes and textures, if your good with Gimp, you can choose your own color.
1: copy meshes/textures folder and esp to data, allow to overwrite.
use a form of archive invalidation, check warriors esp in MM or NMM.
2. LEGAL: Free to use just be sure to credit me.
3. CREDIT: Special thanks to Zella for his support on this.
Bethesda, NMM, OMM, Gimp and Tes Set.