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Ok first things first: THIS my friends, is a BETA
Which means it's not finished
I apologize and ask you to be patient and wait for the final release if you are too pissed off by any possible issues.

Story so far...
This is the culmination of a long... long... long work which has been going on since... well, forever.
It started as my project to standardize clothing and armor under one body type that made sense. I moved from converting outfits to a different bodytype to editing meshes I scavenged out of the internetz to creating my own models. This project, is how I learnt to mod.
YES, I'm a scavenger!
Is it that much of a sin?
So I scavenged experience, models, ideas and other replacers and merged them into one massive dream.
That means it's not "entirely" my work, some replacers were already in stock and I will refer to my predecessors in credits.
But that does not mean I'm uploading the same old replacers, I tweaked everything.
Yuravica's FLY series is a big part since it's this project's direct predecessor.

To business then. This is a replacer that changes every piece of armor and clothing in Oblivion.
The Beta covers only armor for the moment
It's for both male and female
Male uses Robert male body while female uses HGEC (C-D Cup, M lowerbody) Some models are BBB enabled
I tried to avoid clipping but it's more resilient than bacteria
Male armors are still on trial , I'm not entirely happy with all of them.

Alter Models:
Some armors, left byproducts when created, some ideas were dismissed, some were born and some were re-used. So we have the Core of the mod which is designed to be covering, lore-friendly and sense-making, but with those byproducts, some alter models were made, usually being the schmecksy versions of the same armors. These go from showing a bit of skin to complete nudity. BE WARNED.

-Robert Male Body
-Universal Skeleton

For the moment just copy the "Meshes" and "Textures" folders found in "Core" into Oblivion "Data" Folder
Copy the main plugin "Mass Outfit Redesign.esp" too and activate it via launcher, mod manager, wrye bash or whatever you use to activate your mods.

If you want any of the alter models, for the time being they are located in the "Alter Models" folder. Browse through it and find the names of the outfits you want replaced, just copy them to the corresponding folder in oblivion Data directory. Overwrite

Future Plans:
Whatever is missing... "Knights of the Nine"... All Clothing...

Duh! Other armor or clothing replacers of course.

There could be clipping... clipping is always unpredictable even in the best cases, but I did my best.
Invisible clothing (?) dunno... if there is, it's probably because of the Beta state of the mod and the lack of clothing models for the time being as I'm only releasing armor.
Messed up boobs: Please remember to have a BBB enabled Skeleton (Universal Skeleton). If you do not heed this warning, this will be your own doom.
Any other issue please do tell me. I appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
Load Order: I dunno... all the .esp file in this mod does, is create female versions of some pieces that were male-only. If you have any mod that messes with that, it could cause issues. This one should be loaded after it

Uhhh what else...

You liked my work?
Thank you very much! I really appreciate it, and it makes me happy to know you're enjoying my work! =)

You didn't like it?
Then shut up, don't download this and go bother someone else. There's no end to the enormity of my feelings when it comes to not caring.

Yes... credits...
-Yuravica for the greatest contribution in previous work and for many of the models which were tweaked and improved
-Justice123 I'm using that dark brotherhood replacer, small tiny tweaks... that replacer is the most perfect replacer I've ever seen so it was almos unnecessary to tweak that. Also, the town guard replacer is part of this compilation.
-Exnem and RAIAR for the HGEC body
-Robert for his male body
-The EVE team, who designed a few of the first HGEC conversions for vanilla armor
-Uhhhh... The modding community! Yes! After all, I've scavenged knowledge from it for years...
-Bethesda. Creators of Oblivion and all the original models and textures