TIBs Compact Quivers - Thinner Arrow Holders by TheInkBunny
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TIBs COMPACT QUIVERS (Thinner Arrow Holders)
By: TheInkBunny
Version: 1.0

TES: IV Oblivion


This thins out and elongates the quivers in the vanilla game for better cosmetic effect. OMOD installation is recommended, although steps for a manual install will be outlined below.

This mod replaces models for
-Daedric Quivers
-Dwarven Quivers
-Ebony Quivers
-Elven Quivers
-Glass Quivers
-Iron Quivers
-Rose of Sithis Quiver
-Silver Quivers
-Steel Quivers

And for those with the Shivering Isles DLC
-Amber Quivers
-Bone Quivers
-Dark Seducer Quivers
-Golden Saint Quivers
-Grummite Quivers
-Madness Quivers
-Althel's Ghost Quiver (Steel Arrow Varient: 12D22)

For those doing a manual installation, there are two files: "TIBs Compact Quivers" and "TIBs Compact Quivers - SI". Each be run independently, but both are required for full replacement. Simply unzip the archives and copy the mesh folder into your data folder.

This mod is mostly cosmetic and shouldn't cause any problems or conflicts, although if you have the Unofficial Patch Installed it will ask you to overwrite a few files. All vanilla bow lengths have been preserved, as have their scripts to automatically reduce arrows once the player gets low.

As a bonus:
-Option for Steel Quivers Retexture (Black Backing)
-Option for Rose of Sithis Retexture (Red)
-Option for Tweaked Dwarven Retexture (Minor Highlights)

-Any mod that changes scripts. (For example: 4x Damage or 0 Weight.)
-Any mod that retextures arrows or quivers.

-Presumably any mod that replaces the model for vanilla arrows or quivers.


--Remember to invalidate your archive before running.

--Switching rapidly between arrows (3 or 4 in under a second) has been known to sometimes cause a CTD. It's recommended that you wait a moment for it to load. I'm still looking into ways of shoring up stability to prevent this from happening.

Xuul has considerately posted a video review, which you can now find here:


Possible Future Updates
--If there's enough interest shown, I may create a diagonal option like the kind found in Skyrim. If you have a moment let me know in the comments. Thanks!