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Elderfawn is a cozy home north of Skingrad. It is surrounded by rocky cliffs. Bushes and shrubs surround the tree. It includes a map marker. There are no requirements other than the game itself. Other cozy homes coming soon.
================HOW TO INSTALL===============
1. Download the file
2. Copy and paste the file into (Wherever you installed it)/Oblivion/Data
3. Open Oblivion (OblivionLauncher.exe if you're opening it from the Data directory)
4. Click on Data Files
5. Check off "Elderfawn"
6. Play!
================TAKE NOTE=====================
- Not all containers may belong to you.
- The home is right next to an Oblivion gate, you might want to destroy it first.
- More bug fixes are definitely coming soon.
- Speaking of bugs, some of the big rocks atop the cliffs aren't exactly placed correctly.

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