Verdant Anthesis The Imperial Ecology v3 by Discovery1
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Added: 04/05/2014 - 10:02PM
Updated: 30/06/2017 - 11:32AM

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Last updated at 11:32, 30 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 22:02, 4 May 2014

Anthesis....the period when a plant is in full flower and sexually mature ahem!

The third instalment of The Imperial Ecology. I have totally overhauled the mod, adding far more detail and increased the density of the flora to give a more natural and immersive look.

All the flora, (ferns and ivy,s apart) have a grass base. I believe that this is more in keeping with the real world of wild plant environments, well in my country anyway. I have worked hard to prevent the "stitched" look where the plants look like they are growing in straight lines. I am quite pleased with the results. My prime intention was to offer a real world like environment rather than a horticulturists ideal. All the flora depicted here grows within 5 miles of where I live.

I have included a toned down version of my ivy texture with pseudo shadowing, it is not perfect but a quite significant improval over the stock vanilla one. Also included are new natural fern models and ground cover ideas. I have also added my own somnalius plant texture.

The sizing of the flora is accurate as regards to the fact I measured all plants before I photographed them. If you want to change the sizes, it can be done by opening the corresponding nif in nifscope and altering the vertice dimensions.

As regards file size, these are mid ranged textures, there are a couple of high end textures where I thought it appropriate. The normal maps are mostly full size. If required I can upload a version of half size normals if you want to conserve fps.

Instalation is simple, unzip the file to a place of your choice, and drag the data folder into your oblivion folder, overwrite when prompted. Alwasy a good idea to back up your relevant folders first.
It may be necessary to run archive invalidation with either OBMM or NMM afterwards.

I hope you get as much pleasure out of this as I have had making the mod. It has for me been a cathartic experience.

This mod is dedicated to all the fellow travellers on the nexus who like to "wander".

A special mention for Taepal, who has been requesting "grass" for a while. Without his "subtle" hinting I may not of got off my ass and done this. I hope this meets your needs friend.

my grass ini...


I prefer to use bloom lighting rather than hdr, but a lot depends on personal setup.
I use obge jackobsens ssao, godrays and bleach bypass with crisis dof.
sweet fx dither, film grain and gaussian to get the hazy look.