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Name: CM Partner Kira
Version: 1.0
Date: 4/7/2014
Category: Companions
Author(s): tijana2806
A new version of Diablo Elf as a CM Partner.
Visit Cloud Ruler Temple and enter the Great Hall to find her.

-Kira Stat's.-


Strength - 75
Intelligence - 60
Willpower - 55
Agility - 59
Speed - 57
Endurance - 65
Luck - 40

If you don't like stat's you can freely edit them in TES Construction Set. :)


- Install this if crashing.
or this. If everything is normal then these mods are recommendations.

- I don't seriously know. I tested this mod and it's working fine. If you notice any bugs send me a message.

+You need to know:
- If there's any errors... and you know how to fix it.
              YOU CAN FREELY FIX IT.
- You don't need Diablo Elf race nor the Moonshadow Elves race.
- Hair is from an updated version of the original Diablo Elves.

*Manual method

* Manual Method *
1. Download the file.
2. Extract it somewhere
3. Copy Meshes, Textures and .esp to your Oblivion Data folder.
4. Open Oblivion Launcher
5. Select Data Files.
6. Check the Box next to CM Partner Kira.
7. Done.

* My Mods.
In my pics I'm using:
- A Tweaked ENB
- Apachii Goddess Store
- Other CM Partner's (Vilja, Avve, Isabell)

RAIAR and Madcat221 for original HG EyeCandy Body
}{ellKnight for uploading HG EyeCandy Body
SWBM for original Diablo Elves
apachii for Apachii Goddess Store
astrob0y for A Tweaked ENB
Sulpyun for Moonshadow Elves
and last but not least
Oblivion Nexus for such amazing mods. :)

You must list me as a creator.
PM me if you want to change or use something from here.