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Added: 05/04/2014 - 02:14PM
Updated: 13/07/2014 - 10:23AM

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Last updated at 10:23, 13 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 14:14, 5 Apr 2014

OBSE plugin: a must.
OBGE core plugin: commands are used from this plugin.

This mod is very useful to avoid crashes.
The script purges the cell buffer from ram and the textures from the video ram avoiding crashes due to the 32-bit application memory limit.
If you have a heavy modded Oblivion (even if you have the 4GB patch), this script helps to play for hours without crashes.
You can set the options by the ini file.

In general this script purges over 1gb of ram (it depends where you are) and part of video ram so you can have a "temporary freeze" of 1-2 seconds when the purger runs. No panic! Wait a moment and Oblivion works again!
Load it at first after esms (not mandatory).
If you have the v 1.1 and you want to install the v 2.0 you need to disable the esm from savegames and removing it before activate the v 2.0 (in esp format).
Be careful! To remove an esm in a clean way from the savegame, disable it by Wrye Bash!

I don't know compatibility problem (you can use also with Streamline or other purger mods).
If you experience crashes try to disable other purgers if any.

v 2.0
- Ini file for configuration
- Manual purge method by hotkey or equipping purger item
- New script written in a best performance way
- "Smooth" purge

v 1.2
- Converted to esp
- No AI toggle while purging
- No memory pass

v 1.1
- More stability
- Run memory pass
- Added AI toggle while purging
- Disable player commands while purging
- Check for loading areas
- Check if in combat
- Added "purge when possible" method

v 1.0
- Initial release