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A mysterious force attacked the Chapel of Anvil and the defenceless priests and priestesses were slaughtered without mercy. Fear gripped the devout followers and some believed that they were going to be next.

But then, out of the blue, an order of Warriors who called themselves the Templar Order swore fealty to the Divines and to protect those that would serve them from the evils that murdered the priests and priestesses in Anvil.

They now stand guard. Never eating, never sleeping, as though fuelled by the Nine Divines themselves...

Vigilant and Unwavering...

What this Mod does?

This mod adds 24 NPC’s to the chapels of the Nine Divines save for Anvil. Usually they are standing still but if you attack a priest or one of their own then they will spring into action and defend their comrades.

They are part of a separate faction called the Templars and have also been put into the Nine Divines faction.

This mod is only meant to add some more life to the chapels but in the long run it’s purely for looks and does nothing special to the game save for adding in a ‘Templar’ and ‘Paladin’ class to the game for those who would like to be one.

The two classes are roughly the same save for their attributes and one or two skills. A Templar is built for sword and shield combat while a Paladin is meant for two handed maces. Apart from that they’re not that different.


24 NPC’s , Templar and Paladin
2 new classes, Templar and Paladin
1 new faction (not joinable)