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Patches for Alternate Start Town Lindum

A set of patch files that will allow Antiscamp's Alternate Start Town mod to be used in conjunction
with Unique Landscapes-Chorrol Hinterland, Unique Landscapes-Lush Woodlands, and David Brasher's
Blood Raven mod.


Prior to patching, using any combination of these mods would result in landscape conflicts.
The results ranged from part of the village path blocked by a wall, landscape textures being
overwritten, path grids being overwritten, landscape tears, and trees growing through homes.

There are 7 individual patches which will address any combination of the mods listed above.
Read me files with specific load order instructions are included with each download.

ONLY use the one patch which corresponds to the mods you have installed. Using more than
one of these patches at the same time will cause glitches such as numerous doubled objects.


1. Extract the esp you wish to use into your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using
    the mod manager of your choice.

2. Set Load order according to read me file instructions.

3. Play and enjoy


Alternate Start Town Lindum by Antiscamp
Blood Raven by David Brasher
Unique Landscapes-Chorrol Hinterlands by Carel de Winter
Unique Landscapes-Lush Woodlands by Aelius


These patches will obviously conflict with any other mods or patches which alter the same cells.
There are currently no other reported conflicts.


Antiscamp - Alternate Start Town Lindum
David Brasher - Blood Raven
Carel de Winter - Unique Landscapes-Chorrol Hinterlands
Aelius - Unique Landscapes-Lush Woodlands

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent. All original mod
content belongs to the authors listed above.