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Last updated at 9:51, 31 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 16:52, 1 Mar 2014

Apachii Goddess Store by apachii: this mod is used to equip the female character armor.
Tyrael Armor by zertual: this mod is used to equip the male character armor.
OBSE plugin by the OBSE Team: this plugin is used in the code script.

OBSE plugin by the OBSE Team: this plugin is used in the code script.

Oblivion Stutter Remover by SkyRanger: this plugin is recommended to reduce the stutter while mounting, specially when you fly in "fast mode".
SMAA Injector by me: this feature is recommended to improve the graphic effect.

The mod adds a dragon for you and one for your companion. The companion mod needs to use this mod resource to support it, so the modder must include it in the companion mod. If not, when you rides your dragon, probably your companion will try to follow you by horse......but i think you are a bit...faster!
You can ride your dragon, Shadow Hunter, and fly over Cyrodiil or simply walking while mounting.
When you call the dragon, your armor changes in a new very powerful version; the mod equips two different armors, one for female characters and one for men. Also your weapon changes in a fired and powerful weapon. You equipment comes back to the previous state when you get off your dragon.
Rebuild your DistantLOD by TES4LODGen after installing. This should add a light beam where you can find a book......look for the dead mage Drakonem near the Kvatch's door to obtain the spell.....

On terrain: your normal keys for the movements. Press the "always run" key to take off.
On air: forward to increase the altitude, backward to decrease the altitude. Press and hold the "always run" key for the fast flight mode.

I suggest you to set these values in the Oblivion.ini file for who has at least 4GB of RAM.
uInterior Cell Buffer=72
uExterior Cell Buffer=144
This prevents stutter and makes the flight smoother.

The mod provides a dragon for a companion (the companion mod must support it) that follows you riding the dragon.
See the readme file in optional download section.

- Dragon scale: +20%
- Real flight in air-idle
- You fly in "run mode", otherwise you walk on terrain
- Movements: your normal keys for the movements
- "Fast mode" (fast flight): press and hold the "always run" key during the flight
- The mouse is used inflight only for changing the camera view
- The armor changes when calling the dragon (in "Normal version")
- The dragon has the AI and factions setup
- You can explicity order to attack the area
- If you order to destroy the enemies, Shadow Hunter will attack only evil factions
- Nobody can ride Shadow Hunter except you

None that I know.

- You could not be able to mount on the dragon if you are in a steep terrain; go to a flat terrain and recall your dragon to get better on it
- If you are walking on a steep terrain, the dragon could take off
- You can land ONLY on the terrain (not on water, houses, rocks, ruins etc...)
- Oblivion can crash when you fly in fast mode and you are a heavy mod game, because the pc could not be enough fast to maintain the flight

apachii for the incredible store.
zertual for the splendid Tyrael armor.
OBSE Team for the OBSE plugin.
shadeMe for the CSE tool.
SkyRanger for the OSR.

SaidenStorm for the original meshes, textures (by MysticHybrid) and animations of the dragons.

v 1.1
New flight system
Sometimes the companion's dragon leaves while not mounting - fixed
Faster flight mode
Faster increasing/decreasing altitude

Initial release