Imperial Bounty Hunter Quest EV by Bugged
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This was originally intended to be a straight-up translation of Bugged's quest mod. As I was working on it, though, I saw some bugs that needed to be fixed, and then I thought about how I would improve it. Since Bugged gave permission for anyone to use his content, I decided to make some alterations. "Some alterations" turned out to be a near-overhaul of the mod, but I think he'd like what I did.

This mod adds a "Wanted Board" in the Imperial City Prison District, with posters for several criminals. Quintus Cassus, the Imperial Bounty Officer, sits nearby. Take a poster, go kill the target, take his or her head, and return it to Quintus for your reward.

There are 24 criminals, divided into four "tiers"; each successive tier of targets is more powerful (and thus worth more). All targets are levelled, to provide a challenge at any level. As a rough guideline:

* Tier 1: PC -2 to PC +4
* Tier 2: PC +2 to PC +6
* Tier 3: PC +8 to PC +12
* Tier 4: PC +10 to PC +25

Only a handful are available at any given time; if you complete a contract, one or more new ones will appear, until you've gotten all 24. There are no quest markers - you'll have to read the journal entries to find out where to look for your target.