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Escape From Prison - One of my first Oblivion mods that I made a very long time ago. I wanted a better starting character so I created a mod that changes a whole bunch of things that happen at the start of a new game. Since you are Escaping From Prison this is what I decided to call the mod. It is not an alternate start type mod.

Here is what it does. All playable races' attributes start at 50 each for both male and female characters. Adds Azura's Blessing to each birthsign which Fortifies your Health and Fatigue by 100 each and you get a Magicka Multiplier of 25 which means your base Magicka will always be 2.5 times your intelligence. There are five new classes with picture, description and unique starting major skills. These include Lumberjack, Marksman, Prowler, Swordsman and Wizard.

I started a new game myself and took screenshots of what the mod does along the way. Did you know that there is a spelling mistake in the Argonian description. In the original game it says in the paragraph "breathe water" it should be "breathe underwater". I fixed that along with some other grammar mistakes I found in race descriptions. Anyways that is all this mod does. It makes your character start out better and yes you do have to start a new game for this stuff to go into effect as it won't slide right into an existing game.

Millionaire - Optional Mod that adds 50 Million Gold to the lockpicking practice chest. Yes this mod was posted before but some folks didn't like this major Gold cheat so I separated it into 2 mods. Now a new mod exists called Millionaire and it is totally optional now for those who want it. Of course you can always use the console to get Gold but I made this mod so you wouldn't have to but from the comments on the old post I decided to separate it from the Escape From Prison and make it an optional mod. I hope folks will like it better that way.

Well that is about it for these mods. Sorry it took so long to get it reposted. I've been really busy over that last week or so and haven't had time to get to it. Things are slowing down again now and I am able to get back to playing the games. This is the final change I am making to this so it will not be removed ever again. As always have fun and enjoy the mods.