Dialogue Tweaks Fixes and Restorations by migck
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Dialogue Tweaks, Fixes and Restorations


Compatible with Expanded Greetings, which I totally recommend to run alongside.

Oblivion shipped choke full of voiced dialog, to the joy and woe of many a player, and with a dialog selector system prone to mistakes that leave a small chunk of all this dialog unspoken... I aim to remedy that.
What I've done here is go through many of the generic topics, finding a few instances where lack of Random flags or somesuch errors prevented NPCs from speaking a few lines. The novelty of hearing these for the first time may bring you unknown happiness. Or not. At least I tried.
I also changed a few things around, for what I consider more consistency. A lot of things actually. This mod is a bit haphazardous in what it does, but you'll find most of it has to do with dialog.

So, without further ado, here's a summary of what I've done:

Guard dialog overhaul
  • Arrest dialog now uses the previously unused CrimeForceJail global variable, the bounty over which you have no option of paying the fine. This is 5000 gold by default. Note that it is higher than the previous hard set limit of 4000, but you can simply change that global to your liking.
  • You can now turn yourself to a guard if you (you, not them) enter dialog with them when your bounty is under the iCrimeGoldAttackMin game setting. This is the bounty over which guards will run to arrest you when they detect you no matter where you commited the crime, 500 by default. Turning yourself in, you'll now hear unused dialog and will receive a discount to your fine, set by the CrimeTurnDiscount global variable, this is 0.1 by default, which is 10%.
  • You can now bribe your way out of an arrest, if either your speechcraft is over 50 or you're a member of the Thieves Guild. This is only possible if your bounty is under the TGPriceBribe global, 500 by default, and you have to pay that amount to clear your bounty no matter what it was. A master of speechcraft pays half of this.
  • Captains of the guards will no longer mention any 'captain' when talking with their hirelings.
  • When you bribe a guard, or a guard with disposition over 90 offers to pay your fine, that guard loses 10 disposition.
  • Added some dummy unvoiced dialog in case a mod is adding non-Imperial guards and isn't providing them with a suitable arrest greeting, to prevent them from dialog greet-locking you. It is under a quest with priority 41, so other mods' crime dialog should take preference.

These changes apply to the Dark Seducer and Golden Saint guards from the Shivering Isles as well, except those can't be bribed or cajoled.

Disease dialog restoration
  • Restored four hellos that NPCs can speak to the PC and other actors who are diseased. The original Disease dialog quest used the GetDisease function which doesn't work at all, and the dialog had bad data headers and flags. I've attached to the quest a cell scanning script that distributes an identifying token to sick actors found. This token is removed whenever the actor (you) heals from the disease. I've also upped its priority from 5 to 41 so NPCs will speak them whenever a disease is spotted.
  • Edited the beggars' hellos to link to other hellos, so that NPCs will speak this disease dialog to them. Also edited a few responses that only Imperial males were supposed to utter to them. Now, when a beggar asks any Imperial male guard for coin, they will shoo them away.

Misc dialog changes
  • Placed missing random flags in a lot of responses. This will unbury a bit of dialogue that was otherwise cut, among the most interesting: NPCs are now able to discuss about books, including an unheard of title, "Istunondë's Cosmology". When you select the magic item recharging service, enchanters now have 10 additional lines other than "Always keep your magical equipment charged."
  • Changed the shop Invest topic you get at 75 mercantile. You can now set the amount of gold you will invest by changing the PerkMercantileInvest global variable, 500 by default.
  • Edited all dialog pertaining to the master trainer quests so that they check your base value in the skill, not your current one, so you can't cheat your way into them by fortifying your skills.
  • Edited the responses that Dark Brotherhood members gave you when you asked them for info about a contract. These used a disposition threshold of 30 to determine whether they gave you the nice answer or the mean one, so unless you went out of your way to be repulsive to them they would never mutter the bad ones. You can now change this threshold with the DBcontractInfoRefusal global variable, which is also 30 by default.
  • Edited the Thieves Guild Independent Thievery script and dialog, like so many 'higher thievery requirements' mods do. But this time, you set the requirements! These are now controlled by 10 global variables, named TGStolenGoodsxx, with xx going from 01 to 10. By default it goes 01: 250, 02: 500, 03: 1000, 04: 2000, 05: 3000, 06: 4000, 07: 5000, 08: 7500, 09: 10000 and 10: 15000.

Idle animation changes
A few idle animations NPC were supposed to perform regularly used conditions which do not happen. For instance, GetCurrentAIPackage does never seem to return 12 (greeting) even when an NPC is, well, greeting. So I've changed a few of these. Imperial Legionnaries, Golden Saints and Dark Seducers will now stand firm and salute each other. Legionnaries will salute you when you become Champion of Cyrodill, Saints and Seducers will salute you when you become a Duke, Mages Guild members will salute you with the hands gesture if you're in the faction.

Unfortunately, this mod runs low in the compatibility department. Many others may change dialog responses or even idles for various important reasons, so in general I'd advise to load DialogTweaks.esp relatively early in your load order. It's better to miss some of the stuff this mod does than to break something in another mod it overwrites.
A few things added in the mod can be customized with globals in the console or in the provided ini at Data\Ini\Dialog TFR Costs.ini, entering 'set nameOfTheGlobal to x'. Here's a summary of globals and their default values:
  • CrimeForceJail (5000): bounty amount over which you have no option to pay the fine.
  • CrimeTurnDiscount (0.1): percentage discount for turning yourself to a guard, from 0 to 1.
  • DBContractInfoRefusal (30): disposition under which you'll hear the mean responses from Dark Brotherhood members when asking them for help.
  • PerkMercantileInvest (500): amount of gold invested with the expert mercantile perk.
  • TGPriceBribe (500): gold needed to bribe guards to forget about a crime and max crime gold they can forgive. Remember you also need to be in the TG or have 50 Speechcraft.
  • TGStolenGoods01 to 10: amounts of fenced gold required for each advance in the Thieves Guild questline.

No permanent changes to your savegame shall occur from using this mod, just install or uninstall DialogTweaks.esp at your leisure.

Made with the Construction Set Extender. "CS Extender. Because modding should be fun."