Riverview Tower by Blade and Bone
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Riverview Tower - This is a Player Home and Landscape mod that adds an Island with a Player Home on it to the large river that runs along the edge of the Imperial City Waterfront District.

Using the Landscape Editor I was able to raise a plot of land in the river that runs along the edge of the Imperial City Waterfront District above the water. I then flattened it and smoothed it out a bit. I went in the game with just this to make sure it was there and it was so I started thinking OK what am I going to do with this new plot of land and I came up with the idea of a player home from a friend. I used the same structure that you find in the center of the Waterfront District which is a circular base and a tower. There are two levels to this tower the entryway and the living quarters. You use the same type of teleporter found in the Arcane University's main building to go from one level to the other. I am not going to go into all the details about the home as there are too many to list but I will tell you this home has just about everything a player home can have. I spared no expense and left only enough room to walk around. It is souped up big time as you will come to see.

There is one other occupant in the home Officer Logan. He's your personal guard not that you need one but I thought it would be kinda nice to have someone else around. There are 10 Mudcrabs outside and if you time it right Officer Logan will go outside and if any of the Mudcrabs are still alive he will take care of them. He has a daily schedule and everything in the house belongs to you except his stuff. If you attack him or steal from his wardrobe he will attempt an arrest as usual but why would you want to do that to him? LOL! Anyways that is who he is.

I wanted to try my hand at basic Landscaping with this mod but I also wanted the mod to have a purpose for downloaders so I made the home on the land I raised. Several days of work went into this and I've checked over everything and I don't think there are any errors but I want to know about it if you find something not working properly. Any suggestions to make it better will be taken seriously and if I can I will implement them. I think that about covers it. Enjoy the mod and remember it is all about FUN!!!

P.S. The home is free. There are no quests or having to pay for the home or buy the furnishings involved. There are no scripts or anything like that either. I wanted to learn how to use the Landscaping Editor with this mod and now I kinda have an idea of what it is all about. Modders can use it to create the base of Mountains, Hills, Valleys etc. and then add anything they want to it.