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Imperial Manor - Museum Storage and Supply House v0.9.1

Version 0.9.1 Notes Below... A non-All Natural version is also available in addition to other updates...

Version 0.9 UPDATES

Imperial Manor v0.9 is now dependent on "All Natural" version 1.34 or higher. All interiors with windows now behave like All Natural interiors. Outside trees, rocks, and viewable building sections have also been copied exactly as they are outside and put into these cells so you can see all the surrounding objects. No land though, which you can only really (not) see if you jump up at a window and look down.

I also had to re-balance the lighting and redo many of the lights which will enable/disable depending on the time of day. So during the day you will see unlit candles but at night the same candle will have both flame and light. I also haven't scripted the light-beams to conform to the weather so you will still see beams during the day if it is rainy and overcast. This might get updated in the future but for now I don't think it's that distracting and still lends itself to the "old and dusty" feel of the Manor.

At night and during dark overcast days the Manor cells with windows should have a dark castle feel to it as far as the lighting goes. I may add another level of lighting at some point. For now, if you want more lighting you will have to use Imperial Furniture or some such mod that gives you place-able lights.

If for some reason you can't use All Natural, you might still be able to use this, though weather will probably default to the current outside weather and it will rain in your house. You can also use version 0.8 of IM which is more or less complete for storage use but not as updated as version 0.9.

Other Stuff

I also added an Imperial Soldier on horseback similar to those you see in the surrounding country. He should patrol in a ring around the IC (24-hour cycle, repspawns) but I'm not sure if all the packages were set up properly. Worst case I think he will simply turn back at about half the way around. He's also using one of the vanilla Imperial Guard-owned horses at the stables that no one seems to ever use.

And I added some vanilla spawn points around the road, some of which only appear between 25-75% of the time. Included so far are vermin, bandits, and one highway robber. Even with mods like MMM it is still fairly peaceful and not cluttered with spawns.


Imperial Manor is an extensive companion-friendly player home. It provides a compelling and realistic setting to display and store your items and mannequins while providing room and board for up to ten companions. Timed inside and outside window lights enhance the All Natural experience as your new home lives and breathes with the outside weather and day/night cycle.

Four House Staff members are also on hand eating, sleeping, bathing, and performing their various functions throughout the day. Use each of their three clothing containers to control what they wear for different tasks.

  • some initial back-story regarding the Manor (talk to the staff)
  • 9-cell home using the Blackwood Company building set (at least 2 more cells planned)
  • includes two basement areas, two tower sections, and a Green House
  • scripted window lights with beams for day/night effects
  • 5 available bedrooms with double beds for up to 10 companions
  • all fully path-gridded areas
  • includes a Bath House and a large basement common area for all your companions to eat, train, and mingle
  • ample variety of realistic storage, displays, and mannequin stands with some room to expand
  • 4 NPC merchant-type house staff with complete daily and some random packages
  • sleep, swim, and daily wear containers for 4 staff members (2 male, and 2 female) -- personally outfit your own House Staff!
  • compelling exterior premises with a landing pad for flying mounts (or whatever you want)
  • some areas have been left a bit bare for you to decorate with Imperial Furniture or any such mod you like



  • OBMM-ready, otherwise extract and drop into your Oblivion Data folder and check the .esp.


"On the north side of City Isle, along the road, sits a dusty old Manor House that once served as a thriving Museum Storage and Supply business. Simply known by the locals as 'Imperial Manor,' for decades it sat heavily guarded and undisturbed. Then one day, in a great uproar, the owner took all his precious artifacts, armors and mannequins, and left with the majority of his staff...

No one knows why the owner abandoned his proud estate so suddenly and without word, but bandits from Sinkhole Cave have been spotted snooping about the outside premises in pairs and trios. The guards want nothing to do with it and usually steer clear of the area. And the Office of Imperial Commerce refuses to comment on the situation.

If you're in the underground circles, the local thieves won't touch the place, saying even were it not for the bandits, there probably wouldn't be anything left worth filching, saying that old Ebnius Scranificus was as materialistic as he was merciless against thieves. Once, a desperate thief tried to steal a few pieces of silverware. When captured by the guards the owner had one of the thief's hands broken and then threw him out onto the road on his rump. And so was the legacy of Ebnius Scranificus."

Playing the Mod

Go to the north side City Isle during the day, near Sinkhole Cave. Befriend the guard outside and keep talking to him until he lets you "stay". If he's not there you may have to wait around a bit. You can go clear out the vanilla bandits at Sinkhole Cave if you want, but wiping them out won't affect the pending quest. And quest or not, you will be able to keep all your items safely in place wherever you put them. There is also no ownership set on objects or containers so any of your companions will be able to freely take any items, like food for an eat package.

You can also dress the staff (2 male and 2 female) for every daily occasion, just put whatever you want them to wear for whatever activity box you want: daily, sleep, and swim. Only the guard wears armor though when making his rounds, otherwise you will only see armor and weapons on the other three if they get into battle. They also don't trade while they eat, sleep, or bathe.


All containers are safe, aside from these:
--Respawning Containers Found in "Museum Storage"--

  • Field Gear
  • Metalware
  • Tools Crate
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Ale Keg
  • *Rations
  • *Drinks
  • *Pumkin Wheat Keg

(* may be found elsewhere)


  • The original game models don't always make sense if you're looking for everything to match up perfectly. Outside/inside windows don't always go together and some cell to cell transitions might seem improbable if you're strictly looking for it. I have tried to compensate for this as much as possible just keep in mind that some doors might have an unseen "transition" passageway that automatically takes you to the next point. (E.g. north tower to outside landing pad.)
  • In case you see an NPC out of the right current dress cycle, or naked outside of the bath or out of their beds, then their scripts misfired somehow. This is a fluke beyond my control. If this happens you should search their (two bed and one bath) containers and move any items back in its right place until the problem resolves itself. If it keeps happening let me know -- I had to fix it once and then it worked fine.

Planned Updates

  • bandit quest with multiple strategies
  • some staff side quests
  • additional dialogue for the staff


-all cells with windows now operate on and require "All Natural"
-all cells with windows have approximate views of outside objects like trees and building
-rebalanced all indoor lighting to match new cell conditions
-all exterior tower windows and some main building windows have a scripted window light that enables them all at night (interior cells each already have one)
-added other various cosmetic fixes and decorations inside and out
-added water and collision to Green House

-added Imperial Legion rider patrol to City Isle Road (non-stop, respawns)
-added some vanilla LL spawns to the road, some of which are only chance-spawns (25-75%)


-Bethesda and TES Nexus
-Umpa for the shower idle
-All Natural Team


-created 2 new cells (Loft) with windows and 1 dungeon cell (Well)
-masked most outside objects in cells with windows for local map clarity
-fixed some missing rain boxes; all windows have either heavy or light rain depending on the type outside
-resized/added to the outside ivy patches to look fuller
-new resource objects packed with this mod are located in the lush corner of the well
-created "No Weather" (non-All Natural) version of this for windowed cells

v0.9.1 Notes

The Loft and Well areas are now open if you first find the new loft key. The key to the Loft is located along the south wall of Imperial Manor, 1st floor. From "Loft Storage" you can access the "Well". Inside the Well, near the ladder leading to the outside Imperial Isle region is the Well Key. Look for a small box there.

These new cells have little to no decoration and are meant for you to decorate with any movable furniture mods you like, and mannequins of course. I think "Imperial Furniture Renovated" has stands you can place if you want to put up a mannequin somewhere where I did not put some default stand but you still want some kind of stand there. Of course they have display cases too you can buy and place. You can even make new bedrooms anywhere you want with moveable beds for even more companions.

If there are any static objects in the way (really only in Loft Storage) you can 'disable' them in the console by clicking on them and executing the command. Then place your new object there without fear of blocking any pathgrids. Generally keep objects you place along the walls so as to minimize interference with the pathgrid.

Since my CS is broken to the point where CSE won't load and dialogue editing makes the normal CS crash, I can't do anything with dialogue to expand the story and develop the quest. So still no bandit quest or story update in case you were looking for it. Otherwise Imperial Manor is now fully ready for you to become its new Director of Museum Exhibits!

No containers were harmed in the making of this update.

I also created a version for those who don't use All Natural. I haven't tested this version, especially the lighting or anything, so please let me know if there are any problems with it.


If you are upgrading from a previous version then I would make a nice new save first and then check on your companions and containers to make sure everything looks okay. Of course do that anyway, but especially if you are upgrading to the non-All Natural version, be extra careful just in case.

And if you have any of these packed resources already installed, you can choose to overwrite or not - it shouldn't matter.


-kaizit & Puff for their resources