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Oblivion Smithing - A Smithing mod that adds two Smithing Forges to the Imperial City Market District.

OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender) is required.

There are two Forges one for Weapons and one for Armors. The way it works is you activate the Forge and when you do a menu will pop up which is the decision menu asking you if you want to do this or not. If you say Yes then you cannot go back. Upon saying Yes you will go through several more menus that will ask you questions about what you want to make. Finally when you click your choice on the last menu if you have enough Gold on you to make the item a sound effect of a hammer banging on the Forge will play and the Gold will be removed from your inventory and the item you chose to make will be added to your inventory. If you do not have the Gold a message will pop up in the upper right hand corner saying so and the process will end. Do not worry you can always come back later and do it again. This is repeatable over and over again which leads me the next thing the mod does.

When you Smith an Item at the Forge the scripts I wrote take a count of what you made and when you have made enough of a certain type of item your Armorer Skill will increase by one. Basically the easier it is to make an item the more you have to make in order for your Armorer Skill to increase and vice versa. You can make anything from Fur to Daedric. With Fur you need to Smith 30 items and with Daedric you only need to Smith 5 in order to get the increase in your Armorer Skill. All of the other items that you can make fall within this range.

Well that about covers it. Have fun and enjoy the mod!