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Yet another races/birthsigns rebalance mod... Sorry, but I've plowed through most of them but they either add abillites/powers that wasn't lore friendly, out of place for that type of character or overpowerd hurting the difficulty balance of the game. So this is my attempt to rebalance races and birthsigns, to make every race and birthsign unique with their own advantages, with as few lore sacrifices as possible. And to make all the powers usefull, without beeing overpowered.

I've looked at how the races were balanced in Morrowind and Skyrim, and tried to take the best from both games. I've also tried to be restrictive with the attribute bonuses on the birthsigns to give you more room to level, since attributes are capped at 100. All races and birthsigns have both constant abilities and one greater power which can be used once a day. In-game description and loading screens have been updated.

My aim with this mod is also to make it harder to obtain spell immunity and since some of my birthsigns have strong advantages with trade-off weaknesses, it's very important for game balance that immunity is not easily obtained. Therefore I have also made an optional mod which removes the Mundane Ring from Raven Camoran, which is an incredibly overpowered ring that you can otherwise get multiple copies of through the main quest. The best ring Raven Camoran will have is now Elemental Ring.

============ RACES ============

- Argonian -
Ability: Resist Disease 50%, Resist Poison 50%, Water Breathing
Power: Reptile Skin - Chameleon 30pts for 60sec on Self

- Breton -
Ability: +50pts to magicka, Resist Magic 10%, Weakness to Normal Weapons 20%
Power: Dragon Skin - [Unchanged].
Comment: Resist magic 10% might not seem much compared to Bretons resist magic 50% in Morrowind and vanilla Oblivion, but the fact is that resist magic did not protect against Fire/Frost/Sock spells or any other spell with magnitude such as paralyze or silence in Morrowind, which it does in Oblivion. This made the Breton very unbalanced, which game designers probably noticed too since they completely removed the Bretons resistance in Skyrim.

- Dark Elf -
Ability: Resist Fire 50%.
Power: Ancestor Guardian - Summon Ancestor Guardian (Improved) for 60 seconds on Self.

- High Elf -
Ability: +100pts to Magicka, Weakness to Fire, Frost and Shock 25%, Resist Disease 50%.
Power: Fay - Spell Absorption 25% for 60sec on Self.

- Imperial -
Ability: +25pts to Health.
Power: Voice of the Emperor - Fortify Merchantile and Speechcraft 30pts for 240sec on Self.

- Khajiit -
Ability: Resist Fire, Frost and Shock 15%. (Due to their thicker animal hide.)
Power: Eye of Khajiit - Night-Eye, Detect Life 100ft for 240sec on Self.

- Nord -
Ability: Resist Frost 40%, Resist Shock 20%.
Power: Woad - Restore Health 4pts, Restore Magicka 2pts for 60sec.

- Orc -
Ability: Resist Magic 10%.
Power: Berserk - [Unchanged].

- Redguard -
Ability: Resist Poison 50%, Resist Disease 50%.
Power: Adrenaline Rush - [Unchanged].

- Wood Elf -
Ability: Resist Disease 50%, Resist Paralysis 25%.
Power: Beast Tongue - Command Creature up to level 15.

============ BIRTHSIGNS ============

- The Apprentice -
Ability: +50% More Magicka from all sources. 50% Weakness to Magic.
Power: Elfborn - Restore Magicka 12pts for 20sec on Self.

- Atronach -
Ability: +100pts to Magicka, Weakness to Normal Weapons 50%
Power: Wombburn - Spell Absorption 50%, Stunted Magicka for 120 seconds on Self.

- The Lady -*
Ability: +10pts to Willpower, +25pts to Health.
Power: Lady's Grace - Restore all Attributes 10pts, Cure Disease on Self.

- The Lord -*
Ability: Resist Frost and Shock 25%, +25pts to Magicka
Power: Blood of the North - Restore Health 12pts for 30sec on Self.

- The Lover -*
Ability: +5 points to Personality and Luck, +25 points Magicka
Power: Lover's Deception - Weaknes to Magic 100% for 60sec on Target.

- The Mage -*
Ability: +50pts to Magicka.
Power: Focus - Fortify Intelligence and Willpower 80pts, Drain Strength 40pts for 120sec on Self.

- The Ritual -
Ability: Resist Magic 10%
Power: Mara's Gift - Restore Health and Magicka 100pts for 0sec, Shield and Restist Magic 50% for 60sec on Self.

- The Serpent -*
Ability: Resist Fire and Paralysis 40%
Power: Serpent Spell - Paralyze 10sec on Touch, Dispel 200pts, Cure Poison on Self.

- The Shadow -*
Ability: Reflect spell 5%
Power: Moonshadow - Invisibility, Fortify Speed 60pts for 120sec.

- The Steed -
Ability: +10 points to Speed, +50 points to Fatigue
Power: Charioteer - Fortify Speed 20pts, Feather 200pts for 360sec on Self

- The Thief -
Ability: +10 points to Agility, +25 points to Health
Power: Shadowmeld - Fortify Agility and Speed 40 points for 120sec on Self.

- The Tower -
Ability: Reflect damage 5%.
Power: Tower Key - Open any lock on Toch.

- The Warrior -
Ability: +10 points to Strength, +25 points to Health
Power: Warwyrd - Fortify Blade and Blund 30 points, Reflect Damage 25% for 120sec on Self.


Should be compatible with any mod.

Feedback is much appriciated! And don't forget to check out my other mods!